Chapter Thirty Three. I Can't Feel You.

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TW: TALK ABOUT THE DISASSEMBLY OF VISION WITH DESCRIPTIVE WORDS. mentions of vomit and also stronger language than normal is used, nothing too bad though.


"This is what happens with Wanda after Natasha and Vision both die and Steve leaves."

03 says that line slowly as if to not open any wounds but they haven't even been closed yet.

Everyone looks quickly at Wanda who already has tears falling down her face.

Natasha throws a quick glare at the ceiling before she pulls Wanda into her lap, whispering assurances that it hasn't happened and it won't ever happen, Steve right beside of her already rubbing the teenagers back.

Wanda pulls herself together enough to nod, a gesture to 03 to start the clip.

*clip starts*

Wanda storms through a white modernized building, her red hair flying behind her.

She watches the screen in the lobby which shows heartwarming reunions of families after the snap.

Everyone winces. Wandas entire family was never going to get a reunion like that, her first or second. It is a very sad reminder of what she lost.

It cuts to her at the front desk, talking to the man stationed there.

Man: I'm sorry, but like I said-

Wanda: Please...please. When I came back, he was gone. His... b-body.

Wanda stutters and is playing with her hands, obviously anxious.

Wanda: And I know he's here.

"Why would I be there and not in Wakanda?" Vision questions.

Nobody has an answer for him.

"Where even is there?" Tony looks around, hoping someone would have an answer.

"SWORD." Maria answers. "It is a SHIELD partner organization, well it was going to be before we found out about Hydra, now it is going to be its own organization. It hasn't even come off of the ground yet. It deals with extraterrestrial threats only." She looks around, more knowledgeable then everyone else, save Fury, but still confused.

Wanda suddenly looks serious and tilts her head slightly.

Wanda: He deserves a funeral, at least. I deserve it.

Everyone looks a mix between sad, angry, and surprised. Vision didn't get a funeral? Even still five years later?

The desk phone rings and the man working answers it.

Man: Yes sir...

He looks up at Wanda, seemingly surprised

Man: Yeah she's still here.

CCTV footage of Wanda is shown of her looking annoyed waiting for him.

Man: Are you sure?

She looks straight at the camera and her eyes glow for a second.

"Oh shit. Here we go." Tony mutters. He might never get along with Wanda, problems on both of their ends, he will admit. After she got in his head and he made money from blowing up her parents and also imprisoned her in the compound, yeah, they have their issues.

Man: Of course.

The screen goes back form the camera, the man puts the phone down and looks up at Wanda.

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