Chapter Thirty Two. Family, Stability.

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"Next is an edit of Natasha and Steve. It is to the song The Archer by Taylor Swift."

"Ummmm... I'm pretty sure I am the archer here." Clint calls out with a smirk.

Everybody rolls their eyes. Of course he would say that.

Natasha reaches over to hit him over the head, at the same time Yelena laughs but punches him in the arm, hard.

He quickly loses his smirk but everybody else laughs. Clint pouts but doesn't say anything else.

"Okay, okay, this is called steve & natasha | the archer by rachel chu."

*edit starts*

The edit opens with Steve and Nat standing on top of rubble in floating Sokovia, looking out at the view.

The title of the edit is shown in the middle of the screen where the lyrics are for the rest of the edit.

The song starts and Steve is shown putting his scratched shield on his back and busting into a base with the comandos in slow motion.

It changes to Steve walking with Natasha and Clint a step behind them, the clip also in slow motion.

"Damn where are y'all going?" Tony laughs.

Nobody answers them, they just roll their eyes.

The song and the picture match up, the song says, I say I don't want that, what if I do?

Steve is shown talking to Tony.

Steve: Family, stability, the guy who wanted that went into the ice 75 years ago.

Steve shakes his head.

As soon as Steve finishes his words a clip of Natasha lifting up Lila is shown, and like most of the clips is in slow motion.

Steve (voiceover): I think someone else came out.

"I was wrong." Steve whispers. He doesn't expect anyone to hear him but Natasha does and smiles to herself. She never thought she would have the white picket fence, the children, the dog, or the husband for that dream but now it doesn't seem like a far away fantasy.

The words of the song match up with the scene once again.

Song: Cruelty, wins in the movies.

Steve is shown before he gets the serum in the theater and after he gets the serum and is in the museum watching a movie.

Steve is shown talking to Bruce.

Steve: As maybe the worlds leading authority on waiting too long, don't. 

Steve looks at Bruce and winces. He knew Natasha was flirting with Bruce and he got so jealous, it's not in his nature to be mean though so he gave him some friendly advice. He doesn't know what he did with that advice but he does know that Natasha was very subdued after Sokovia. He assumed that her behavior at the farm was because of Wanda's vision but maybe something happened there too? His head is reeling and he can't figure out why Natasha would go after Bruce if she liked him. She had told him that she liked him from before Sokovia, so???

Steve is shown looking at Natasha as she looks out at the sky, back in the rubble in Sokovia.

"Awww" Wanda whispers to her newly found aunt. Her parents are adorable. They way they look at each other is the cutest thing she has ever witnessed.

This time the song matches up again.

Song: Easy they come

Steve is shown kissing Peggy

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