Chapter Twenty Five. Til the End of the Line.

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"Another edit sound good?"

Everyone cheers. They like the edits. They can be entertaining or sad but they are really cool to see and they usually have all of the best and most important clips which is super helpful.

"This one is about Steve. A few things might be shocking as they are in the future."

Everyone is apprehensive but they thought that makes sense. Plus they know he doesn't die, or we'll, 03 didn't tell them about Loki until later but it seems like that was everyone they lost against Thanos.

"This edit is called (Marvel) Steve Rodgers | A Man Out of Time | Captain America by VCreations."

*edit starts*

The edit begins with a title card reading, Steve Rodgers. A Man Out of Time.

Over the title card is the Red Skull speaking.

Red Skull: He resented my genius and tried to deny me what is rightfully mine.

A clip of little Steve trying to look like a soldier in the display but he is too short to fill the face out.

It cuts to show Steve still in the slowly opening machine right after he got the serum, Erskine looks on in disbelief and awe.

Natasha swallows. Damn.

Red Skull: But he gave you everything.

Cuts to Red Skull talking to Steve.

Red Skull: What made you so special?

Cuts to Steve trying to enlist.

Man: Rodgers. Sorry son.

Steve: Is there anything you can do?

Man: I'm doing it. I'm saving your life.

He stamps 4F onto Steve's application.

Cuts back to Steve talking to the Red Skull.

Steve:  Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn

Peter smiles. Of course, Brooklyn.

Cuts to Erskine talking to Steve.

Steve opens his application to see 1A.

Erskine: Good becomes great, bad becomes worse.

Shows little Steve jumping on the grenade.

Steve: Get away!

Cut back to Erskine talking to Steve.

Erskine: This is why you were chosen.

Natasha looks up at Steve smiling. He cannot help himself and leans down to kiss her. Everyone looks on in glee. They deserve each other, they're really cute.

Cuts to Steve looking at the Captain America exhibit at the museum. Then changes again to Steve in his suit in the woods. This happens why Erskine does a voiceover.

Erskine (voice over): Because a strong man...

Cuts back to Erskine talking to Steve in the barracks.

Erskine: ... who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power.

Cuts to Steve in Jersey at the training camp, He looks on at a little Steve who seems to stare back while Erskine talks.

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