Chapter Thirty Eight. I've Got Red In My Ledger, I'd Like To Wipe It Out.

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"I will get back to Wanda and Vision soon, I know it is a lot in a row of the couple but for future stuff to be shown, it needs to be viewed."

Everyone nods, looking a little worried for the young witch. She'd already been through so much, what else could she possibly go through?

"For now though, does anybody want to see Natasha interrogating Loki?" 03 asks with an audible smile and a bit of snark.

Loki groans, oh no, here we go.

Natasha smirks as everyone cheers. She has gotten a lot of information from people in her lifetime, in a variety of different ways. Tricking the God of Mischief and Lies? She is actually pretty proud of herself for that one.

*clip starts*

Loki is shown to be pacing in his cell on the helicarrier. Suddenly he stops, facing the back wall. A devious smile grows on his face as he turns around.

Loki: There's not many people that can sneak up on me.

Natasha is shown, feet shoulder width apart, hands down at her sides, a blank look on her face, giving absolutely nothing away.

Natasha has a wicked smirk on her face, causing everyone to laugh at the smug spy.

Natasha: But you figured I'd come.

It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

Loki: After. After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you'd appear as a friend, as a balm, and I would cooperate.

"Yeah, that's fair." Fury nods his head at the god on the screen.

Clint, Maria, and Natasha all laugh. The amount of times that play has been made is uncountable. It always worked too.

Loki takes a few steps forward as he speaks, a teasing smile on his lips.

Natasha: I wanna know what you've done to agent Barton.

Clint scowls. He will never forgive Loki for that. Loki could become the new Pope and could completely change but he is always going to be the guy who took away the archer's free will, almost made him kill his sister, his only father figure (even one as frosty as Fury), and did kill the man who took over the older brother position Clint desperately needed to be filled. Barney wasn't going to cut it anymore and Coulson took his place and then some.

Loki: I'd say I expanded his mind.

As Natasha starts talking she walks forward to stand directly in front of the glass where Loki is.

Natasha: And once you've won, once you're king of the mountain...

"You guys played king of the mountain too??" Peter asks excitedly.

Natasha and Yelena share a look, causing most of the people in the room to tense at the coming response, knowing it can't be good.

"Not the same king of the mountain..." Natasha answers slowly, like she is trying to measure her words.

Natasha and Yelena both have blank looks on their faces and in their eyes so nobody asks anymore questions, they aren't even sure they want to know honestly.

Natasha crosses her arms over her chest.

Natasha: What happens to his mind?

Loki: Is this love agent Romanoff?

Natasha still has her blank face, and a slightly defensive but still open body language.

Natasha: Love is for children. I owe him a debt.

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