Chapter Eighteen. You Can Rest Now.

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Tony takes a deep breath. If Nat watched her death scene he had to watch his.

He knows that he said he wanted more clips of him but not this one!

He breaths out and asks 03 to play the clip. Pepper, now off of his lap, grabs his arm. She did not want to watch this, but it is Tony's choice.

*clip starts*

Stark looks in question at Strange, who simply raises one finger, Stark nods.

Everyone looks at Strange confused. Stephen is just as confused as everyone else so he just shrugs at their silent questions.

Thanos puts the Power Stone back into the Gauntlet, yelling from the gamma radiation coursing through him, until Stark makes one last attack on Thanos, pulling at the Gauntlet.

Thanos: I am– inevitable. 

Thanos snaps his fingers, but nothing happens except a metallic clink noise. He sees the Infinity Stones are missing. Tony has the stones on his own gauntlet, the gamma radiation coursing through him.

Tony: And I... am... Iron Man. 

Tony snaps his fingers with a loud "CLANG" and a blinding flash of white.

Everyone is silent. Tony sacrificed himself too. Everyone knew that a human could not take the strain of one, let alone all, of the infinity stones.

Rocket fires at a Leviathan and before it devours him, it crumbles into ash. The Black Order starts crumbling to ash.

T'Challa and Quill look around in surprise; Steve looks on in exhaustion and relief, knowing that they have won.

Thanos, in horror, looks around and sees his entire army disintegrate. He looks at Steve, who just stares at him. Thanos sits down and mourns silently before slowly being erased from existence himself. The same way he erased half of the universe.

Everyone wants to cheer but it feels so empty because they know Tony's fate.

Cuts back to Tony.

The power of the gauntlet has left him fatally injured. He stumbles for a bit before his body collapses besides a pile of debris.

Rhodey soon flies in and goes up to Tony. He bows his head, knowing the damage was done and there was nothing he could do. Peter Parker soon flies in and sees Tony collapsed on the ground.

Tony looks at Peter who is staring at the screen with tears streaming down his cheeks. MJ has her hand in his.

Peter Parker: Mr. Stark?  

He runs up to his fallen mentor. Tears start to form in his eyes.

Peter: Hey– Mr. Stark? Can you hear me? It's Peter. Hey. We won, Mr. Stark– We won, Mr. Stark. We won. You did it, sir. You did it. 

He kneels down. Tony is unresponsive. Peter breaks down and hugs him.

Peter: I'm sorry– Tony–  

Peter looks at Tony but Tony just says "Kid. If you blame yourself for this..." He doesn't finish his sentence but Peter just smiles. That was such a Tony thing.

Peter is gently led aside to grieve. Pepper sits in front of Tony.

Pepper: Hey. 

Pepper makes a choking sound from her sobs. Tony reaches over to pull her closer to him.

Tony is barely able to move his head, but manages to look Pepper in the eyes

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