Chapter Eight. I Dont Have A Uterus.

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"Okay so this shows a clip of Natasha and Yelena after their father figure, Alexei, makes a comment to Yelena."

"Oh no." Nat groans, burying her head in her hands.

Yelena perks up, happy to see her dad again but also because she needs to be alert to get all the information she can. She did just escape the red room after all and those are not habits you break easily.

*clip starts*

Yelena punches Alexei in the face.

Everyone busts out laughing. Clint is reminded of Natasha and can see himself loving Yelena like another little sister.

Alexei: What's with the aggression??

"Oh I don't know. Maybe the fact that you pretended to be my father from the time I was three and didn't tell me you were not until you gave me to the red room?" Yelena sarcastically asks.

Everyone looks at her slightly worried but she just looks back to the screen.

Alexei: Is it your time of the month?

"Oh no." Nat pales. "This is not going to end well for anyone."

Yelena: I don't get my period dipshit. I don't have a uterus.

Natasha: Or ovaries.

Dead silence in the theater. Yelena looks over at Nat surprised that she seemingly hadn't told anyone.

"Mama Spider?" Wanda looks towards Nat, who just shakes her head and looks down, letting a single tear fall.

Wanda sits herself on Nat's lap hugging her only mother figure. Giving her the comfort only a daughter can when talking about something like this.

Clint reaches over and rubs Yelena's back, offering comfort as well.

Yelena: Yeah that's what happens when the red room give you an involuntary hysterectomy

Everyone does not know whether to laugh or cry so they reach under their seats to get their tissues and do both.

Yelena: They kinda just go in and rip out all of your reproductive organs.

More watery laughs sound around the room.

Yelena: They just get right in there, chop it all away, everything out.

Alexei: Okay! Okay! Okay. You don't have to get so clinical and nasty. 

Yelena: Oh I was about to talk about fallopian tubes.

Natasha can be seen trying not to laugh in the passenger seat of the helicopter.

At that everybody actually laughs. It broke some of the sad energy surrounding everyone.

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