Chapter One. Who's Here?

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Slowly, Natasha came in consciousness. She developed some habits in the red room that were harder to break than others, and those are the habits that have kept her alive this long. This particular habit is not moving, changing her breathing, or opening her eyes until she knows where she is and what is going on. Sadly, she hears nothing and is stuck with having the decision of whether or not it is worth alerting the people around her (if there are any) of her consciousness.

She takes a few more seconds and opens her eyes. The first things she notices is that she is not in her room at the compound or in her room at the Barton farm (obviously that place is never fully silent). The second thing she notices is that she is in a movie theater. This doesn't make complete sense to her and also scares her because there is no escape route she can readily see. The third thing she notices is that she isn't alone. All of her friends and family she has come to love over the years surround her and are also unconscious.

She has a little better grip on her bearings now and starts to wake people up. Steve is the closest to her and so she shoved him with her foot (gently of course) and he jumps right up ready to fight whatever threat is waiting for him (or ready to make an inspirational speech, Nat can never be sure which).

Steve must come to the same conclusion (they are stuck with no way out and no clue as to what is actually going on) so they just share a look and continue waking people up. Nat goes to Wanda and Steve moves towards Tony. The awake continue this until everyone is awake and confused. There are reunions. Nat is currently fighting a blonde haired woman which is confusing everyone (maybe not surprising but confusing definitely). Steve and Bucky are hugging like it is the last time they will ever see each other (which based on their history is not impossible). Peter has found tony and is chattering a mile a minute. Even Thor and Loki have found one another and awkwardly stood beside one another.


Everyone jumps to attention. People reach for weapons only to find they are no longer there and Wanda, Loki, and Strange all try to conjure their magic but are unable to. They can feel they still have it, it's just not working.

"Calm down! I am not here to hurt you. In fact, I am here to help you."

Tony, being who he is, opens his mouth to, no doubt make a sarcastic, and probably not needed, comment but Pepper elbows him in the ribs. Hard.

Steve takes it upon himself as captain to speak for the group.

"I'm sorry. Who are you? What are we doing here? Why have you kidnapped us?"

He doesn't know who he is talking to so as he is talking he just kind of looks around, like he does when talking to FRIDAY at the compound.

"I don't really have a name but you may call me 03. You are here to watch videos and read books about your past and future. I was also going to say I did not kidnap you but I guess I kinda did. Sorry about that. Do not worry, time works differently here so you are not going to be needed in your world while you are here. You are safe."

Clint looks to Tasha. They have been partners for so long they can tell what each other are thinking just by using their eyes. Tasha does not believe in the safety of this... movie theater? But she doesn't see another choice. Clint shrugs and starts to choose a seat. You would think being an ex-assassin would lead him to choose an easily escapable seat near an edge perhaps near the top or bottom depending on the theater. Nope. Clint Barton believes that in a movie theater it is only acceptable to sit smack dab in the middle.

Everyone just watches Barton walk to his seat. Once he sits down with a huff and a groan (being unconscious for who knows how long on the floor really does hurt his back) everyone else slowly starts to make their way to a seat.

"Okay! Thank you for choosing a seat. I would like everyone to go around and say who they are, both real names and aliases, start in the front left and work your way around please!"

"Everyone's favorite genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man" Tony stands up and bows towards the back of the theater like the show man he is.

"Pepper Potts"

"CEO of SI and wrangler of Stark"

03 is met with giggles from the younger audience members as well as the 06 avengers, minus Natasha, though she does crack a smirk. Tony is about to say something back but Pepper just elbows him in the ribs again and he stays quiet, much to the amusement of everyone else.

"James Rhodes, Rhodey, War Machine"

"Happy Hogan"

"Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow."

"Clint Barton, Hawkeye" Natasha had to drag him from the middle of the theater because there is no way she is sitting alone and Barton is the only one who knows anything about her past, well besides Yelena who took a seat in the back.

"Wanda Maximoff"

"I am Vision."

"Peter Parker"

"Peter, you know the rules. Aliases as well. Unless you want me to announce it later."

"Fine. I am Spider-man"

That causes Natasha to smirk. Tony to shrink in his seat. Steve's, Bucky's, and Sam's mouths drop open and Steve glares at Tony for bring a kid into their disputes. Pepper also glares at Tony and tells him they will be talking later.

"Steve Rodgers, Captain America"

"James Barnes, I go by Bucky though, and uh I am the Winter Soldier I guess"

Yelena glares at him from the back and Natasha sends Yelena a look of her own, not a glare but a warning, to not say anything. Yelena doesn't open her mouth but she smirks knowing she has something over her sister now.

"Sam Wilson, Falcon"

"Bruce Banner, and I guess I can uh.. I turn into the Hulk"

"Thor, Son of Odin, and God of Thunder" Thors booming voice rings out into the theater.

"Jane Foster"

"I am Darcy Lewis. Hey guys!!"

"Loki, God of mischief"

If it were possible to be killed by glares Loki would be dead. Like long gone, six feet under, no chance of coming back this time.

The Guardians are the next to introduce themselves, everyone is very very confused when Rocket speaks but then baby Groot pops out from behind Gamora's hair and everyone is even more confused. Nobody says anything but everyone is a little disturbed by the talking raccoon and tree. No matter how adorable Groot is.

"Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme"

"Scott Lang, Ant-Man"

"Hope Van-Dyne, Wasp"

"James E. Woo"

"Monica Rambeau"

"Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel"


"Maria Hill"

"King T'Challa of Wakanda, Black Panther"

"Princess Shuri of Wakanda"

"Okoye, member of the Dora Milaje"

"Ned Leeds, Guy in the chair"

Peter jumps up to go sit with his best friend.

"Michelle Jones but I go by MJ"

"Yelena Belova, Black Widow"

Everyone looks at her and Natasha, and back again. Nobody knows why this Yelena person would say she is black widow when Nat is right there but Natasha doesnt say anything so neither do they.

"Okay! So, as I said, you are here to watch videos of the past and future.

Okay! Everybody ready to start?"

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