Chapter Twenty Eight. A Black Man Carrying The Stars and Stripes

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"This next clip is after Sam takes up the Captain America title and shield."

Sam perks up. Steve smiles and so does everyone else. Sam would be a great Captain.

"This is after the final battle with Karli and the Flag Smashers."

*clip starts*

Sam in his Captain America Suit flies down with a girl in his arms.

"Is she-" Wanda cuts herself off.

Natasha just nods sadly and reaches over to hold her daughters hand, her daughter who is almost the same age as that girl in Sam's arms.

He lays her on a gurney and you see Bucky walk up.

Sam walks towards the Senators.

Press start shouting questions at Sam.

"When did the government make you Captain America?"

"What do we call you?"

"Is it still Falcon?"

Everyone rolls their eyes. Not the time. That's why people call the press vultures.

Sam walks right past them.

Senator 1: Sam, thank you so much! From all of us.

Senator 2: Sincerely. You did your part in dealing with those terrorists, now we'll do ours.

Everybody cringes at that. Terrorist? That's a strong word. Yes technically it was law breaking for a political reason but terrorist is too strong for somebody who just wants unity. Well, maybe not but still.

Sam: Are you still going forward with resetting the borders?

Senator 3: Our peacekeeping troops will begin relocating people soon, the terrorists only set us back a little bit.

"Wait they are removing people? From their homes after five years? That's abominable!" Bruce calls out, looking a little green around the edges.

Sam: You have to stop calling them terrorists.

Senator 2: What else would we call them?

Sam: Your peacekeeping troops, carrying weapons, are forcing millions of people into settlements around the world right?

Senator 2 nods.

Sam: What do you think those people are gonna call you?

Everybody nods. Sam is right.

John looks over at Bucky.

"Who's that?" Steve asks.

Nobody answers him because they have no idea.

Sam: These labels, terrorist, refugee, thug, they're often used to get around the question why.

Senator 3: Those settlements, that happened 5 years ago! Do you think it is fair for governments to HAVE to support them.

Sam: Yes.

"Agreed." Most of the room said while others just made sounds of agreement.

Senator 2: And the people who reappeared only to find someone else living in their family home, they just end up homeless?

Sam readjusts his stance before looking at the senator with a "what the fuck" face.

Bucky snorts. He has been on the receiving end of that look many times in the last few days.

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