Chapter Twenty Four. Watch the Road.

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"So the next clip will also feature Natasha but it will also feature Happy."

Natasha starts laughing with red cheeks and Happy's eyes grow wide and he blushes so much that his skin tone almost matched Vision's.

They can guess based on the last clip what they are about to see.

*clip starts*

The scene opens with chaos at the expo.

Natasha marches out.

Steve's eyes bulge. Woah. That dress.

Happy: Nobodies answering their phone. What's going on??

Natasha: Get in the car. Take me to Hammer Industries.

"You know there is a thing as the word please" Sam tells Natasha.

Natasha just raised an eyebrow at Sam causing him to swallow harshly and look back at the screen.

Happy: I'm not taking you anywhere!

Natasha: Fine you want me to drive?

Happy: No i'm driving! Get in the car.

Everyone laughs. Oh Happy.

Cuts to the car zooming through the streets.

Natasha is in the back seat taking her hair down.

Happy looks in the rear view at her.

Natasha unzips her dress leaving her in just her bra.

Steve blushes to his chest and the guys in relationships look anywhere but at Natasha, Steve, however, cannot take his eyes away. Natasha laughs at Steve's reaction and Yelena hits him over the back of his head to get him to stop looking.

Happy is obviously staring at Natasha through the mirror.

Steve is seething with jealousy and everyone else is laughing at Happy. Really dude? Really?

Because of his staring Happy almost crashes the car.

Natasha: Watch the road.

Happy: I got it, I got it.

Everyone laughs at Natashas deadpan and Happy's embarrassment.

Natasha and Happy pull up to Hammer Industries and they get out of the car.

Natasha: Stay in the car.

Natasha walks around the car in her suit and Happy meets her at the front.

Happy: I'm not staying in the car.

Natasha: I said stay in the car.

Happy: What are you wearing?

Everyone laughs. He sounds so genuinely confused.

Natasha opens the door while Happy stands guard.

Happy: Look I'm not letting you go in there alone.

Yelena cackles "Americans, so self righteous" she looks at Mr. America.

Steve looks at her a little offended. Natasha just laughs and says that she sounds like Alexei. Yelena cackles but also looks a little offended and quickly shuts up.

Natasha: You wanna help? Keep the car running.

Natasha gets the door open and Happy pulls open the door before darting inside, Natasha quickly following behind.

Everyone laughs knowing that Happy was trying to protect Natasha but it really is not needed and if he really wanted to help he should've just kept the car running.

A guard moves towards Happy who punches him in the face.

Natasha slips behind the two fighting.

Tasha throws open the glass doors, slides through the hallway, and uses her bites to electrocute a guard.  

Cuts back to Happy and the guard throwing punches.

Everyone laughs, this is gonna be good.

Natasha flips over a cart in the hallway and knocks out another guard.

She continues down the hallway where she comes across yet another security guard and she slides under his spread legs, punching him in the groin.

All the guys groan. That HAD to hurt.

She ends in her pose.

That caused everyone to laugh.

Another guard comes at her and she uses the currently in pain and doubled over guard to launch herself at the one one, knocking them both out.

Happy is shown to be losing the fight with his guard.

Natasha looks around the corner to see two more guards getting a call about the action.

She uses smoke disks to blind them before she swoops in and knocks the legs out from under one and climbs the other's leg to kick him in the head, knocking him out.

She uses a garrote to stop the next incoming security man.

She keeps it wrapped around his neck while she takes down two more.

Everyone is watching in awe. This woman has taken down how many men in the span of what? Two minutes??

She sees one of the guards get back and runs at him to perform her signature leg around the neck spin move and knock him down once again. She uses an arm bar to knock out the next guard that runs at her before doing a back kick and knocking him out.

She gets up and starts to walk down the hallway, spraying a guard in the face with pepper spray along the way, not stopping for even a second.

Everyone cheers and laughs. Go Nat!!

Happy is still losing the fight before he bites the guards ear and starts to win.

Everyone cringes and laughs. That had to hurt but what? He is friends with Tony and that's about as dirty as you can get in a fight, biting someone. Oof.

Happy ends his fight with one final upper cut and the guard goes down unconscious.

Everyone cheers both sarcastically and genuinely which makes Happy both happy and embarrassed.

Happy is shown to be out of breath and sweaty.

Happy: I got him!

The screen cuts to show men laying unconscious all over the floor and one hanging from his neck from the celling.

This time nobody can keep from letting out a laugh. Happy's face at the end was so shocked and slightly confused.

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