Chapter Seven. Season Two, Episode Twenty One

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"Hello again everyone! Remember when I showed you the twins' little picture and said it would be important to know in the future? Well here is part of the reason why."

"Part of the reason?" Natasha questions, already pulling her daughter onto her lap and reaching over to squeeze Steve's hand.

Yelena raises her eyebrow at Nat but does not comment.

Wanda moves herself on her Spider mamas lap to get comfortable and she reaches a hand out to Vision. Knowing he would be able to with stand her squeezing his hand to hell and back.

"This happens in the future and some of this will not make sense but it will with future clips, so with that being said... On with the clip!"

*clip starts*

Agatha: But it's time to look at some real reruns. All right, let's go.

Wanda: No.

Agatha: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you forget who's got your children stashed away in her bewitched basement?

Tommy: Mom! Mom! Help, please, Mom!

Billy: Mom, help us!

"Oh hell no!" Steve and Clint both stood up at the same time.

Nat just laughed. She could not believe her baby has babies of her own.

"Who is it?" Steve asked Wanda, as if she knew anything about the future.

"I don't know papa." Wanda told him before she froze. She had never called him that before. Sure she calls Nat, mama but Steve is another story. 

Steve just smiles at her and leans down to kiss her forehead before he sits back in his seat. A smile spread across his entire face even with his blush.

Nat similarly has a grin and red cheeks.

Wanda gasped and looked around the room for her kids

Agatha: That's right.

The door creaks open beside them

Agatha: After you, superstar. 

The two witches enter a small apartment that Wanda looked shocked to see.

Wanda: Oh.

Wanda tenses in Nat's arms, causing Tasha to hold her closer.

Agatha: Charming. Love the Cold War aesthetic. 

Wanda: Why are we here?   

Wanda turns to look at the woman by the sink. The woman turned around.

Wanda: Mama...

Everyone tenses and looks towards Wanda who is burying herself in Natasha. Natasha even has tear in her eyes, sad that Wanda has to relive what will not doubt be her parents death.

Wanda's mother walks towards the door where there is a man entering and hugs him

Oleg in Sokovian: Irina

Wanda: Papa...

Steve rubs his hand over Wandas hair. Surprised still that she bestowed such a special title onto him and thankful for the man on the screen for giving him his daughter.

Natasha was feeling much the same towards Irina. A mixture of feelings for sure.

Oleg opens his suitcase to reveal a bunch of old movies and tv shows

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