Chapter Ten. Sever The Nerve.

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"So this is going to be a little bit different to the last few clips. It will be a bunch of short clips from one interaction. I just can't find the full thing"

Everyone just nods, not really knowing what 03 is talking about but they figured they would find out.

*clip starts*

Nat whips her head towards Dreykov  and pulls out a gun to aim at him.

Natasha: That was a mistake.

Dreykov: Was it?

Natasha: You just sent away the one thing that would stop me from killing you.

Dreykov: Try it. Do it.

Everyone tenses. This cannot end well.

Natasha tried to pull the trigger but she can't. She is straining and shaking trying to kill him. Even breathing heavily.

"What is happening?" Nat whips her head around to Yelena, who looks just as confused as Nat herself feels.

Steve is worried for Nat but knows she can handle herself and will figure out what is wrong then either figure out a way to fix it or a way around it.

Dreykov: Is the safety on?

"Yeah. Like the Black Widow, would accidentally leave the safety of a gun on." Clint sarcastically states, causing a few people to laugh.

Nat is still straining. Dreykov takes the gun from her hands and aims it at the ceiling before firing it. Showing that the safety was in fact off.

Dreykov: Try your knife.

Nat swings her arm back and gets close to stabbing him but she stops a little bit away from his chest. Again straining and trying to kill him. Dreykov pries the knife from her hand.

"Okay seriously what is happening?" Peter speaks up.

MJ just shrugs at Peter, seemingly calm but inside she is worried because Natasha is her role model.

Dreykov: Hmmm. You're in trouble.

Natasha: How are you controlling me?

Dreykov: I'm not controlling you Natasha. Well not you, but there is a pheromonal lock. Smelling my pheromones stops you from committing violence against me.

"Okay am I the only one that thinks that sounds weird?" Tony asks the group. He is met with a few head shakes, almost everybody thought that was a weird thing to say, or at least to say it like that.

He raises a hand to slap Nat across the face and she flinches back violently.  He doesn't actually hit her though.

Cries of outrage are heard echoing across the room. Everyone knows Nat can take a hit and take care of herself but, damn, she is family. They didn't WANT her to take a hit from somebody who pretty much raised her, as much as anyone did.

Dreykov walks away.

"Bastard" Clint seethes. Nobody can find it in them to disagree.

"Okay so that was the end of clip one. Here is the second clip."

*clip two starts*

Natasha: Oh stop it.

Dreykov stands up and slaps the table.

Dreykov: Don't tell me to stop!

Natasha: If I don't tell you when to stop then how will you know when to shut up.

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