Chapter Twenty Six. Break Two. Paintball.

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"Would everyone like to take a break for the day?"

Everyone nods. Between all the future deaths and the revelations today, they need to process and digest everything.

Everyone slowly starts to file out of the theater room. Most walk back to the common area, to get some food or to lounge around. A few go back to their wings or even their own private rooms. Needing to think over what they've seen.

Steve, Natasha, and Wanda are part of the last group.

They make their way to their shared living room in their wing, and Clint and Yelena are no where to be found. They are likely letting the family have their own time or Clint just wants to make some more money on the pool table or dart board. Yelena likely goading him on.

Natasha, Steve, and Wanda sit in their living room in silence, Natasha is tucked under Steve's arm, her head resting on his shoulder. Wanda is laid out on the couch, her head in Steve's lap and her Mama's hand running through her hair.

Wanda is still crying silent tears and it breaks her parents hearts.

Steve decides to be the one to break the silence.

"So I know I already said this but I need to tell you both again. I will never leave like that. Even if what we saw comes to pass and Nat you-" Steve cuts off with a head shake and a sob.

"-I won't do it. I can't." He finishes.

Wanda, now sitting up and sitting much the same way her mama is, only with her legs thrown over both her parents, needing the reassurance they are both there, she shakes her head.

"Papa. I know that logically that isn't you. But papa. Everyone I have ever loved has left." Wanda explains with even more tears.

Steve's heart literally explodes out of his chest. This young girl has lived through more than most people do in ten lifetimes. This can not be the thing that breaks her. He will not let it.

Natasha sits back, she needs to let him fix this. As much as she wants to scoop her daughter up and carry her away from the world, safe in her mama's arms, she knows she can't do that and Steve has to be the one to console her. Doesn't mean she likes it though.

"Kiddo... Nobody, I mean Nobody! Not even me, would leave you by choice. Hell I am convinced that the 'future me' seen in that clip isn't actually me." Steve says, pulling his daughter onto his lap and slowly stroking her back to comfort her.

He knows she is a teenager but sometimes she reverts back to needing the comfort of a ten year old. She never felt safe enough, or was safe enough, to regularly develop a way to handle her feelings, she really just focused on survival.

She curls herself into a ball in his lap. This does even more damage to Steve. She only does that when she needs comfort and a feeling of safety. Growing up in a Civil War, both were in short supply and the closest thing she got on the streets was curling into a ball to protect her important organs and having Pietro wrapped around her.

Steve knowing there isn't much else he can say just keeps repeating comforting words and rubbing her back. Planting a kiss on her forehead every now and again.

After a while of doing this, none of them are sure how long, Wanda finally starts to uncurl and wrap her arms around Steve's neck. Giving him the tightest hug he can ever remember getting. He welcomes the embrace though.

"You promise Papa? You really won't leave like that?" Wanda whispers in a small voice.

"I promise Wanda." Steve whispers.

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