Chapter Sixteen. I Can't Control Their Fear, Only My Own.

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Everyone is collectively crying and almost panicking. They had no idea what just happened or what-

"GUYS! Calm down a little. I will explain."

Everyone calms down a little bit, there are some still with tears streaming down their face and everyone is clutching onto someone else.

"That clip is from 2 years in the future. A titan named Thanos thinks that the universe is in jeopardy because it is not balanced. There are not enough natural resources to go around and there are too many people to sustain."

Some people stopped. They couldn't fault his thinking because it is logical but that's INSANE! He decides to kill a bunch of people instead of trying to work out another solution?

"On his home planet, he offered a solution to this problem. He thought that randomly selected genocide of half of the population would be fair and would help. He was shunned and outcasted for this thinking. His planets demise sadly came to fruition, this led him to believe that his plan was the only one that could've worked. He moved to different planets throughout the galaxy, performing his own will and way."

Everyone is in shock. This guy was traumatized, he is also crazy, but he really is traumatized and they cannot blame him for that. However, his traumatic background does not mean his actions are null and void.

"Once Thanos learned of the infinity stones, great celestial powers that are the building blocks of life, he knew he could use them to put his plan into action everywhere, not just individual planets but over the entire universe."

Everyone stopped and stared at Vision. That's why he had a hole in his head in the last clip, the mind stone had been ripped out. As if, Vision knew what they were thinking he reached up to touch the stone. Similarly, Strange reached for his necklace. What happened for him to give Thanos the stone? He was dusted like half of everyone else so Thanos had the stone but how did he get it?

Everyone was just trying to wrap their head around what 03 had just told them, before they interrupted again.

"I am so sorry guys but I have more to show you. I will give you a little reprieve and show you guys another fan made edit. This one is about Wanda!"

Wanda feels her blush deepen when everyone looks at her. They had already found out so much about her why was it her turn again?

"This edit is called Wand Maximoff | You Should See Me In a Crown."

"It is made by Lucy'sHeart"

*clip starts*

Black suddenly cuts into a video of Wanda sitting next to Vision in the conference room before it slowly transitions to Vision kneeling in front of her while she looks down at him in a state of distress.

Cuts to Wanda with her hand over her mouth. Looking at the destruction in Lagos.

Natasha reaches over her hand which Wanda gladly grabs. Squeezing hard knowing her mama could take it.

The screen changed to show Wanda kneeling over Ultron.

Wanda: Do you know how it felt?

Wanda tenses. She never knew how cold and emotionless she sounded in that moment. Yes she was ripping Ultron's heart out but she was still shocked.

The screen changes to Wanda looking up at Vision.

Before it shows her hand, glowing red with magic, as she is walking toward Ultron in the train carcass.

Cuts to the compound.

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