Chapter Nine. The Big Three

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"So this clip follows Bucky and Sam."

"What? Why him?" They ask at the same time.

Everybody laughs at the faces they are making.

"You're really gonna make me team up with the guy with the staring problem?" Sam asks the ceiling.

"What are you talking about staring problem?" Bucky snarks back at Sam.

Steve just leans over to whisper in Bucky's ear something that nobody can hear. Not even Natasha or Yelena.

Bucky just leans back and looks at Sam who shifts uncomfortably, not knowing what Steve said.

Bucky, still staring at Sam, waves a hand to tell 03 to start the clip.

*clip starts*

Bucky Barnes: Well, I don't trust Redwing. Hold on a minute. 

They both stop walking and look at each other

"You don't have to trust redwing!" Sam announces to Bucky.

Sam Wilson:You don't have to trust Redwing, but I'm going to go see if he's right. 

Everyone just laughs at the repeat.

Sam Wilson: I have a feeling it might be a part of the Big Three.

Bucky Barnes: What Big Three? 

Sam Wilson: The Big Three. 

Bucky Barnes: What Big Three?

Bucky looks at Sam annoyed, "what big three?"

Sam Wilson: Androids, aliens, and wizards. 

Sam just waves a hand toward the screen to answer Bucky who rolls his eyes and flips him off. Only to have his hand shoved down by Steve.

Bucky Barnes: That's not a thing. 

Sam Wilson: That's definitely a thing.  

"Definitely not a thing." Bucky says to Sam.

Bucky Barnes: No, it's not.

"Yes it is." Sam argues back to Bucky.

Sam Wilson: Every time we fight, we fight one of the three. 

Bucky Barnes: So who are you fighting now, Gandalf?

Natasha perks up at the reference, ever the nerd, causing Yelena to roll her eyes and Steve to laugh.

Sam Wilson: How do you know about Gandalf?

Bucky Barnes: I read The Hobbit in 1937, when it first came out. 

Steve groans, "and then you force me to read it so that you could rant about it!"

Bucky just laughs, though Natasha thinks he was blushing and a little embarrassed about his apparent secret nerdom.

Sam Wilson: So, you see my point.

Bucky Barnes: No... I don't. There are no wizards.

Sam Wilson: Doctor Strange--

Bucky Barnes: --is a sorcerer. 

"Thank you! Somebody gets it!" Strange calls out from the back, causing Sam to roll his eyes and Bucky to smirk.

Sam Wilson: Ha, ha. A sorcerer is a wizard without a hat. 

Strange turns a red color that is a little worrying, nobody can tell if he is just really annoyed, actually mad, or embarrassed.

"He's kinda right though" Peter whispers to Ned, or tries to whisper, pretty much everybody in the theater heard him anyway. MJ just rolls her eyes at the losers beside of her.

Sam Wilson: Think about it, right? I'm right.

Sam Wilson: I just-- I just came up with that. It's crazy.

Everybody laughs at this line, Sams "discovery" was amusing to them.

Bucky Barnes: But look that's not the point. These guys aren't magic, all right?

Sam Wilson: They use brute force just like you, the incredibly annoying guy in front of me with the staring problem. 

"See even in the future you have a staring problem!" Sam cries out.

"I do not have a staring problem!" Bucky raises his voice, already done with Sam and this hasn't even happened yet.

Steve, Clint, Yelena, Natasha, Wanda, and Shuri all speak up "yes you do."

Buck slides down in his seat, pouting.

Sam Wilson starts walking towards a plane holding a bag

Bucky Barnes: I'm coming with you. 

Bucky follows him

Sam Wilson: No, you're not.

"Yes the hell I am." Bucky mutters under his breath.

Okay so this isn't the most original thing for them to react to but it was light hearted and someone requested Sam and Bucky content and I am working on Sams final speech and also maybe the therapy scene but there needs to be more context for these characters before I can do that, so look out for that in the future but it might be a little ways off :)

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