Chapter Thirty One. Bye Bye Bikinis

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Nobody says anything for a minute. They need to process what they just watched.

"I know that was a lot but I have a lot more to show you guys."

Nobody can believe it. How much more do they need to know? They feel like they have seen so much from both the past and the future. They figure they will be here for a long time yet, this room is full of superheroes and aliens and gods and people with powers, they have a lot to catch up on and learn about in the future.

"Vision, Wanda, do you have any requests? If I can't give you a break I can at least give you a choice"

Wanda and Vision are both grateful for the kindness 03 is showing them right now.

Vision doesn't mind what they watch next, he just wants Wanda to feel a little better.


"Yes, Vision?"

"Can you play something with the Captain and Ms. Romanoff?"

Wanda smiles at Vision, she knows he did that to make her comfortable and to take her mind off the last clip.

"I can, this is one of the first times they actually bonded and Natasha opened up a little to Steve. It will not be a super happy or funny clip but it is important and it is a little iconic"

Everyone is a little confused what 03 is talking about. Steve and Natasha have both an idea of what could be shown but they don't actually know.

*Clip starts*

Steve is walking in a hospital hallway and he stops by a vending machine. He looks at the glass of the machine, seeing an empty row. Natasha walks from behind him and he can see her in the reflection, eating a chewing gum as she blows a bubble and it pops.

Everyone laughs. Oh Nat.

Steve spins around, quicker than a whip. He grabs Natasha by the arm and pulls her into the room across from the machine. He ends up grabbing her shirt, right in front of her throat. He backs her up against the wall roughly, causing her to let out a noise of discomfort or surprise. He pulls his hood off.



"ты член (you dick)"


Nobody can believe Steve just did that.

"Papa?" Wanda looks over to Steve shocked. "What is going on?"

Natasha is the one to calm everybody down. Steve is too busy not meeting anyone's eyes, including Nat's. He can't believe that he did that to his girlfriend, even if she wasn't at the time. It goes against everything he had been raised to know. His mom would've pulled him out of here by his ear before he could've even opened his mouth.

"Guys. The clip explains a little bit but this was when we found out Hydra was SHIELD, it was a stressful environment and I don't blame Steve for being annoyed and also paranoid. So everybody watch the clip and know I am fine, okay?"

Everybody nods. They don't wanna upset Nat but they send a look Steve's way. He would never do that to her again and he knew if he did, he would be dead before he could blink. A mixture of repulser blasts, magic, lightning, knifes, swords, guns, arrows, and widows bites/batons would be his demise.

Steve: Where is it?

Natasha: Safe...

Steve: Do better!

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