Chapter Twenty One. Age Five.

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*I feel the need to put a trigger warning on this chapter. I am sorry, I didn't mean for this to turn this way, I knew it would be sad but this kinda is another level and I'm sorry.

TW: Vomit, Death of a child.*

Everyone is quiet. Thor knew that Loki had changed a lot but nobody else had seen it. They all still thought of the time he took over New York, or attempted to.

They all were thankful for Loki though and they were sorry that they couldn't save him.

Everyone is waiting for the next clip to start in silence, letting Thor and Loki mourn while also working through their own complicated feelings.

"Again, I am so sorry. Do you guys need a break?"

Thor goes to say yes but Loki shakes his head.

"This has not yet happened yet, there is still time to change it." Loki whispers to Thor.

Thor nods with a light back in his eyes. Yes. He will save his brother and his Kingdom, Heimdall too.

To do that though he needs to watch more clips so he opens his mouth once again but to tell 03 to continue on.

"So this clip will not be about any of you specifically."

Everyone is confused. Why would they show that clip then?

"This is about the old red room. It follows a girl from a t.v show called Agent Carter. Yes, Peggy Carter's show."

Everyone nods okay that made sense.

"This will be more accurate as to how Natasha and Yelena grew up in the Red Room."

The sisters tense. Oh no. There are so many things they could be shown. One thing both sisters know for sure though, nobody in this room will ever look at them the same way again.

*clip starts*

The clip opens on a little girls closed eyes. They suddenly snap open and the camera shows a girl with braids sleeping on an uncomfortable looking bed. She turns her head to the left and sees handcuffs, attached to her wrist and her headboard.

Natasha and Yelena both look down, rubbing their wrists, they were faint but if you looked closely you could see a faint ring around their wrist, scars from years of thrashing from night terrors while being hand cuffed to their bed.

Everyone else looks on in horror. That girl couldn't have been more than ten years old.

The screen moves to show a woman walking around and uncuffing each girl, as they sit up they are rubbing their sore wrists. There are so many beds in one room as well.

Some of the girls are given bread. The girl they are following is one of the lucky ones.

"Why didn't-" Peter is cut off by MJ pinching his arm. He looks over at her and she mouths to him,

"not the time."

Natasha heard him though.

"Food was dependent on how you did the day before. It is likely that girl was the last one dancing or she excelled in her combat course that day. Or maybe she did well in her studies, I cannot be sure."

Everyone is disgusted, food is dependent? Food is a basic necessity, not a luxury item.

The girl with the bread breaks it in half before giving another girl the other piece.

Yelena smiles. They may not have been in the same class but she knows how kind hearted Natasha is and she remembers how Natasha would pick her handcuffs and sneak into the kitchen before leaving bread for Yelena under her pillow. She could never be sure it was Natasha and during her worst moments she didn't actually believe it was her but now she knows that it was real to Natasha too, and she knows she wasn't abandoned completely like she previous thought.

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