Chapter Thirty. Now Is No Time At All.

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"So I have a few more edits to show you guys but I need you to watch a few scenes first."

Everybody nods. The edits are awesome but sometimes they are hella confusing because they have little clips of the future and obviously they didn't know what was going on.

"This is from the fight with Thanos. There are more tissues under your seats and again everyone brace yourself. I am sorry."

Everyone reaches for their tissues immediately, they knew this was going to be bad because 03 was still warning them even though they had seen all the other clips.

*clip starts*

Wanda drops in the jungle using her powers. She has a cut on her forehead and looks scared out of her mind but otherwise is okay.

She runs over to where Vision is holding his stomach and leaning against a log, obviously injured.

"Wait how are you hurt? Can't you just phase through any weapon?" Bruce looked at Vision.

"Yes. I should be able to do that but it seems as though I was somehow unable to do so. Maybe because of my infinity stone and Thanos' mission to retrieve them?" Vision questioned.

Everyone nods, that would make sense.

Wanda: Are you okay??

She puts a hand on his cheek and his mind stone acts up, and starts to hurt him.

Everyone looks over at Vision, oh no, that can't be good.

Wanda: What? What is it?

Vision: He's here.

Everyone tenses. They know who it is and what he does.

Wandas face drops and she looks scared and worried.

The screen changes to show Steve looking at the sky when the wind picks up. He reaches for his com.

Steve: Everyone on my position. We have incoming.

Sam is looking up with his goggles on. Natasha is also shown looking at the sky.

Natasha: What the hell??

Yelena has to stop herself from laughing. She loves her sister but the blonde is not her best look, stick with the Annie hair Tasha, leave the blonde to me.

T'Challa is shown with Okoye by his side, both facing the sky.

The Veronica suit turns around and there is a portal forming in the middle of the woods.

Bruce flinches. Why is that suit there? Did the Hulk go crazy or something? The last time it was used was when Wanda messed with his head and he knows she would never do that again so what happened?

Everyone else isn't even focused on the suit, they are just staring at the portal. Woah.

Thanos walks out of it.

The screen rotates back to Wanda who has her hands up, glowing red with her magic at the ready, hair billowing around her face, she is standing over the injured Vision who is still on the ground.

Natasha looks over at Wanda with a proud smile. She couldn't be more proud of her daughter, she wishes that she wasn't there and in danger but Natasha knows better than anybody, how it feels to want to prove yourself and make up for past mistakes.

Visions stone glows a little brighter and even Vision looks nervous and looks to be in a state of anticipation.

There are scenes of the standoff between Thanos and the Avengers.

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