Authors Note/Requests

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Hey guys! So i am thrilled to see people reading and liking this story!! I just decided to do it on a whim and i'm glad a bunch of you like it.

I see all of your requests and I cannot promise to do all of them but I will do my best.

If you have anymore requests please make them here so i have a constant place to read and take from instead of having them all over the story.

To the few who have requested so far. I see them and I have a few that I had already been working on so those will come soon. The characters are pulled from right after Civil War do a few requests like fatws or wandavision will take some time because i have to work up to them so the characters understand the context and stuff.

that being said. should i do another book of the characters reacting to their actors? i've read a few stories like that and I think they are pretty good so just let me know.

Should I keep it in this book?

Make a new one?

Or just not have them react to their actors and keep my focus on clips/scenes from the mcu.

I have a few chapters finished right now. I also have a few I am in the middle of. (These things take FOREVER because there are two sets of dialogue and storylines and blah blah blah you don't care u j wanna read lmaooo)

so yeah just thought i would keep y'all updated and also

Please comment and vote on my story.
It literally gives me so much inspiration and keeps me motivated to write more. plus it just makes me happy :)

Thank y'all!! Go drink some water and go for a walk. Maybe eat a real meal as well, with green healthy stuff :)

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