Chapter Twenty Nine. Come On Spider-Man!

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"This is from the future. Peter got his suit taken away by Tony because of an accident."

Tony pales. Oh no. He didn't get hurt did he? Taking the suit was supposed to stop him from going out not so that he was in danger!

Peter pales. Is he hurt? Obviously he doesn't die because of the blip. Wait, what incident? What'd he do??

*clip starts*

The screen opens to show a collapsed building, it looks like it fell into a sink hole.

Everyone gasps. What happened?

The screen cuts to the inside of the building where it is really dark but you see a figure moving around from where it is trapped under the rubble.

"No. No. No. No." Tony looks wide eyed at the screen. He looks like he is about to throw up. That isn't Peter. It can't be.

It is Peter in his old suit and goggles.

"That's Peter?" Ned looks at the screen wide eyed and a little green.

Everybody whips their heads to look at the teenagers. Peter is looking like he is about to cry and also looks like he is going to throw up. MJ is clinging onto his arm very tight, obviously nervous thought she is trying not to show it. Ned is shaking. That's his best friend and he is trapped in the wreckage of a building.

Tony let's a few years fall. This is all on me, he thinks, I took his suit.

Peter is making effort noises as he breaths heavily. He rips his mask off and is struggling to breathe.

Peter: Okay ready?

Peter grunts and tried to push up with the concrete rubble on top of him. It doesn't really move.

"Peter that has to be hundreds if not a thousand pounds. You aren't going to be able to lift that." Steve says gently. He really does like the kid and doesn't want to see him hurt, he has heart.

"Mr. Rodgers I have super strength." Peter looked at him confused, did he not know that?

"Yeah he caught Bucks arm at the airport." Sam looked at Steve incredulously.

"First, don't call me that. Second, yeah, I figured that the kid did, though I didn't know he was a child when my fist was going towards him okay!" Bucky defended himself worried that Tony was going to come after him again.

Tony is just in shock that Peter is trapped. He still thinks it's his fault.

"Well yeah I know he has super strength guys but that's a lot of weight." Steve explains his reasoning.

He quickly gives up and collapses back on the ground where he is starting to hyperventilate.

Peter: Hello? HELLO?!?

Peter starts crying obviously scared.

Peter: Hey please! I-I'm down here! I'm stuck. I'm stuck, I can't move, I Can't-

Steve, Scott, Tony, Pepper, and Clint all have tears streaming down their face. Natasha is close to tears also, well most of them are close to tears. That's a fourteen year old kid! Like he is a child!

Wanda is having trouble watching the clip. It reminds her so much of the night her parents died. She knows how Peter feels in the clip and she is so sad he has to ever feel that way.

Peter collapses back down before he slowly lifts his head.

The screen changes so we see what Peter does and he sees his mask in a puddle. Half of his face is reflected back at him while the other face is his spider-man mask.

"Woah." Scott whispers. That is insane. Everyone else doesn't say a word too busy looking at the visual in front of them.

Peter is watching with wide eyes. That's him. Spider-Man and Peter. That's him.

The screen cuts back to Peter before it moves once again to the mask in the puddle.

Tony (voiceover): If you're nothing without the suit, then you shouldn't have it.

Everyone nods. That's true.

Peter breathes air between his teeth and steels himself. He starts to punch up again.

Peter: Come on Peter. Come on Spider-Man. Come on Spider-Man.

"Come on Peter!"

"Go Spider-Man!"

"Come on Peter!"

"Yes Peter let's go!"

"Go Queens!"

"Yes! Peter! Yes!"

Everyone is shouting at the screen as if to cheer him on. Peter looks around in awe, this is insane.

The rubble starts to budge a little and Peter makes more effort sounds.

Peter: Come on Spider-Man!

Peter pushes even harder off the ground and he starts to lift the concrete with his back.

Peter is obviously straining and water starts coming from the wreckage above him.

Peter starts screaming with the effort it takes to move the rubble, he gets it moved up enough for him to crouch. He squats and starts pushing with his whole body.

The rubble starts falling in around him but Peter is lifting the rubble enough enough to stand up straight.

Everyone loses their collective minds. They are cheering and clapping for Peter.

Peter is blushing more than anybody had ever seen him do and he has the biggest grin stretched across his face.

The outside of the wreckage is shown and a bus carcass falls off of the concrete, rolling down the rubble.

Peter is shown to be there and coming out of the wreckage.

He is breathing heavily but alive and relatively unharmed.

He looks to his left as the clip ends.

Peter is pulled into a hug by Pepper first. Everyone else soon joins and another group hug is had, happy the youngest is okay and proud of him. So damn proud.

Peter only had his aunt and uncle growing up as family. Now he has this entire group of people, even the rogues, and he couldn't be happier about it.

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