Chapter Thirty Four. For People To See You As I Do

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"So wait." Wanda looks around still a little more reserved than normal but otherwise back to her usual self, "what did I actually do in the last clip?"

"Well we saw you change the town to black and white and put it back in the 50s aesthetic but i'm actually not sure..." Clint answers, trailing off at the end in uncertainty and confusion.

"You took control of the whole town, sort of. You didn't know you did it actually, you controlled everyone in the town and made situations that you would find in a sitcom from that time period, like Dick Van Dyke."

"I- I mind controlled a whole town?" Wanda whispers.

"Yes, but you didn't know you did it until later."

"So after I found out I stopped right?"


Nobody looks pacified by that answer. Wanda looks like she is about to cry again and Natasha looks like she would murder 03 if they were in front of her.

"Wait. If Wanda rewrote reality... the reality stone is red. I thought Wanda got her powers from the mindstone..." Strange thought out loud.

Everyone paused for a second.

"Pietro's powers were blue... would that be the space stone?"

Gamora and Nebula both nod.

"Huh." Clint articulates, summing up everyone's thought pretty damn well.

"Well, I would like to show you all some of Wanda and Visions best moments, from the past and future, including inside the hex."

"Hex?" Monica questions 03.

"It is the name for the border of the town. There is a very hard to get through wall made of red chaos magic surrounding the town and it is named the hex."

Everyone nods.

"So to show you these clips I have to give you a little bit of context. Each day is a different era inside Westview, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, and 2010s."

Everyone has wide eyes but nods.

"They are all based off of different sitcoms."

Wanda blushes when everyone looks over at her.

"I like sitcoms..." Wanda defends half heartedly.

"Okay so here are the best moments of Wanda and Vision. The first clips are right before Clint was sent to gather Wanda and when he arrived."

Wanda looks at Vision guiltily. She isn't 100% sorry for what she did because she had no other choice but that didn't mean she wanted to do it.

*clip starts*

Vision is seen in the compound kitchen on Natasha's and Wanda's floor.

He is standing over a large pot and is looking at a recipe in his hand.

Vision: A pinch of paprika, a pinch.

Yelena smiles. "Paprikash?" She bounces in her seat. She may never go back to Russia again and she might call herself an American (she made herself American on her new birth certificate also), but she does miss the food that she grew up with.

Wanda nods with a smile. Paprikash was always her favorite while Pietro loved varenyky (pierogis).

He reaches over to a plate on the counter, filled with different spices, and pinches some of the paprika, sprinkling it into the boiling pot.

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