Chapter Twenty Three. Is That Dirty Enough For You?

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"So I am going to give you another light hearted one but Pepper and Steve may not like it."

Natasha and Tony tense up. This has to do with them.

Steve looks at Natasha and Pepper looks at Tony.

Natasha and Tony share a glance. What are they about to see.

"This is right before Tony's birthday party when Natasha was his assistant."

Natasha tenses and stands up quickly, "okay, a little context, I was undercover and I- Yeah. That's pretty much it. Do not look too deep into this."

Everyone nods.

*clip starts*

The clip opens on a beautiful shot of Tony's mansion at night.

It cuts to a view of Tony's chest with the Arc Reactor, his blood is being poisoned by it and you can see his veins are black.

Everyone gasps.

Pepper whips her head to Tony, "how did I not know?" She whispers to him.

He doesn't say anything just pulls her into him and kisses her lightly.

Natasha walks in.

Natasha: Do you know which watch you'd like to wear tonight Mr. Stark?

Steve's jaw drops. She looks gorgeous.

Clint laughs. He knows where is is going, they've been partners for a long time now and he has heard that voice.

Tony: I'll give em a look.

Natasha puts the watches down and starts to use the shaker to make a drink for Tony.

Tony turns around from the mirror to look at Nat.

Tony: We should cancel the party huh?

Natasha turns around with the martini and walks towards him.

Natasha: Probably.

Tony: Yeah, cause it's-

Natasha: Ill timed...

Tony: Yeah. It sends the wrong message.

Natasha: Inappropriate.

Everyone is quiet and watching with wide eyes. Yelena is trying to hard not to laugh. She doesn't want to draw attention to her but Natasha was always the best at seduction and espionage, this is not even a little bit surprising to her but it is funny.

Tony looks at a much closer Natasha with a weird look on his face before he takes a sip of the martini.

Natasha: Is that dirty enough for you?

Everyone either wolf whistles, cheers, laughs, or chokes on air. Natasha said what??

Natasha is slouched in her seat trying to make herself smaller than she already is and she has bright red cheeks.

Tony is much the same.

Tony starts to back up a little bit.

Tony: Gold face, brown band. The Jaeger, i'll give that a look. Bring them over here.

Natasha walks away to get the watches and bring them to Tony.

Tony: I'll take that. Why don't you...

Natasha sits on the arm rest of his chair.

Nobody can believe what they are watching, or we'll yes they can't but TONY AND NAT?

Pepper is stuck between amusement and anger. Steve is more in the amusement category but he is very very jealous.

Wanda is stuck wide eyed watching the screen. THATS HER MAMA. She does NOT want to watch this but she physically cannot look away.

Yelena, Clint, and Maria are just watching fully amused. They have seen this act more times than they can count.

Fury is much the same as Wanda, sure he might act tough but Natasha and Maria are the closest thing he has to daughters and he does not want to see this.

Natasha looks down at Tony and starts to apply some makeup onto his face.

Tony: I got say it. It's hard to get a read on you.

Everyone laughs. No shit.

Tony: Where are you from?

Natasha: Legal.

This round of laughter is the loudest they've heard yet. Come on! That was so funny!

Yelena is on the ground, same with Clint. Even Wanda is letting out little giggles and Fury has a smirk on his face.

Tony swallows.

Tony: Can I ask you a question? Hypothetically? If this were the last birthday party you were ever gonna have, how would you celebrate it?

Everyone quiets down really quick. Oof, that's sad.

Natasha takes a second.

Natasha: I'd do whatever I wanted to do... with whoever I wanted to do it with.

Natasha cringes. Well she answered honestly.

Nobody else says anything. There isn't really anything to say.

Natasha gets up and walks away.

Tony watches her leave before he grabs his martini and drinks it all in one breath.

Everyone laughs at that.

Natasha is relieved that the clip is over. Yes it is kinda funny to look back at now and she was just doing her job but she didn't want her entire family, including her boyfriend and her daughter, to see that.

Tony is also relieved, he knew he didn't really do anything bad and that he stayed faithful to Pepper but it still set him on edge.

Pepper and Steve were both glad that was over. That hit a little too close to home for comfort.

Everyone else enjoyed it though (well not Wanda but everyone else), they thought it was funny and entertaining.

Sorry I know it was short but I forgot about this scene and then I couldn't get it out of my head and I had to make them react to it :)

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