Chapter Twenty. Undying Fidelity.

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"I have made a terrible mistake."

Everyone stops when they hear 03 say that.

"There were four permanent deaths."

Everyone freaks out. Everyone is talking over one another trying to figure out who the fourth person is. They know Natasha and Tony and they all saw Visions dead body, though they don't know exactly how he died yet, who was the last?

"I'm sorry. I am so sorry."

Everyone gets quiet because they need to hear the name of the last person.

"Loki is the fourth. For good this time."

Most everyone is confused about the "for good this time" part but they don't say anything and just look at Loki with varying looks.

Thor quickly starts crying. He can't lose Loki again, he has already lost him twice.

"I will show you his death but only is Loki feels okay to watch it."

Loki just nods with a blank face. This can't be the end right? He has beaten death more times than most, he could do it again.

*clip starts*

Asgardian PA: This is the Asgardian refugee vessel Statesman. We are under assault, I repeat, we are under assault-

"WHAT REFUGEE VESSEL?" Thor booms out.

"What happens to Asgard?" Loki quietly questions but not without the same concern and sadness heard in Thor's bellow.

Asgardian PA: The engines are dead, life support failing. Requesting aid from any vessel within range. We are 22 jump points out of Asgard. Our crew is made up of Asgardian families, we have very few soldiers here. This is not a Warcraft. I repeat, this is not a Warcraft! 

Everyone looks around in shock. This is one of the strongest peoples in the entire universe, and this guy is actually begging.

Inside the ship, Ebony Maw walks among the bodies of dead Asgardians. Heimdall, badly wounded, reaches out as if he would stop Maw as he passes, but doesn't. Maw steps over them as he speaks.

Gamora, Nebula, and Loki all tense causing everyone to throw questioning glances their way. Who's that?

Ebony Maw: Hear me, and rejoice. You have had the privilege of being saved by the Great Titan... You may think this is suffering... No. it is salvation. 

Nobody can stop themselves from scoffing and rolling their eyes. Salvation? More like slaughter.

Ebony Maw: Universal scales tip toward balance because of your sacrifice. Smile...

"Get outta here Squidward!" Tony calls out breaking some of the tension in the room.

Corvus Glaive stabs one of the lingering Asgardians

Maw: For even in death, you have become Children of Thanos.

Everyone glares at the screen. Of course it is Thanos. They already knew that but just hearing it again sets their blood on fire.

Loki stands with the Black Order. He watches Thanos, shrouded in darkness and light, a vague silhouette.

Everyone looks confusingly at Loki? Was he WITH them?

Thanos: I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right... yet to fail, nonetheless.

He lifts Thor by the neck of his breastplate. Thor struggles feebly.

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