Chapter Two. Pre Serum Steve.

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"So, in my world none of y'all are real."





"Okay! Everybody shut up."


"Okay. Good. You guys are characters in comic books and movies that are played by actors. So the you in your world is actually actors in my world so you do exist just not as yourselves.

Okay. Got it? Good.

The first thing you are reacting to is the first avenger. Steve. So y'all know the story of Captain America, super soldier serum, Nazis. Howling Commandos. But y'all don't know the little guy from Brooklyn and what he did to become Steve Rodgers, Captain America"

Everyone turns to look at Steve. He turns red and tries to slouch in his chair. Bucky just reaches over, ruffles his hair, and calls him a punk. Steve reaches up to fix his hair, a smile now on his face, and calls him a jerk.

*clip starts*

In New York, at the enrollment facility.

Doctor (Off-screen): O'Connel, Michael. Kaminsky, Henry.

Steve Rogers: Boy, a lot of guys getting killed over there.

Doctor (Off-screen): Rogers, Steven.

Steve puts down the newspaper he is reading.

Everyone gawks at how little he was.

"Whoa. Cap. That cannot be you" Tony exclaims.

"Oh yes the hell it was, now do you understand why I was so against you enlisting?" Bucky asks a shocked looking Steve.

Steve did not realize how little he was, or no. That isn't right. He knew but he didn't really think about it, comparing that to his body now though he understand a little more why Bucky was so over protective.

Enlistment Guy: It kind of makes you
think twice about enlisting, huh?

Steve Rogers: Nope.

Tony rolls his eyes. "Of course not! Because why would it? It's not as if you could die or something"

"Tony? Are you worried about little old me?"

"Ha. No. Little sure is true though" he says waving a hand towards the screen, "old as well, when was this the 40s?"

Steve just laughs and turns to look back at the screen. He is used to the teasing now. Though he knows it is going to be a lot worse now that they know what he used to look like.

As Steve is standing half naked in front of the doctor to examine him for enlistment.

Doctor: Rogers. What did your father die of?

Steve Rogers: Mustard gas. He was in the hundred and seventh infantry. I was
hoping I could be assigned...

Doctor: Your mother?

Steve Rogers: She was a nurse in a TB ward. Got hit, couldn't shake it.

Everyone who had ever lost a parent looks at Steve with a mix of sympathy, pity, and understanding, while everyone else just stares with flat out pitying faces.

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