Chapter Fifteen. Break One, part two. The Apology

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Everyone wakes up the next morning. Refreshed and ready to watch some more clips. Sure, some of the clips were hard to sit through and watch but they had learned more about each other and everyone feels closer now.

Natasha wakes up with her head pillowed on Steve's chest. They both fell into bed last night and whispered quiet confessions to one another until well into the night. Trading kisses in between.

Natasha leans up and kisses Steve on the cheek, attempting to wake him from his slumber. His face twitches a little bit but he does not stir. She takes a moment to look over his face, his smooth jaw, his brow that furrows in the most adorable way when he is confused about modern things, and his lips. She leans over to kiss those lips for what seems like the first time only she knows it is not. He takes a second but he finally starts to kiss back as he wakes up.

When they part he looks at her with the slightly lopsided smile she adores and he just gives her a quick peck before stretching and hopping out of bed.

They both quickly use the bathroom and get dressed before heading out of their wing and into the shared living room/kitchen at the end of the hallway.

When they walk in they see almost everyone else is up. Jane, Monica, Wanda, Yelena, Scott, Hope, and Woo are all in the kitchen cooking what smells like pancakes, bacon, and eggs.

Tony spots them first and calls out "hey super star and the star spangled man with a plan. Good morning!" He wiggles his eyebrows at the pair before making kissy faces.

Natasha and Steve walk over to the couch he is sitting at and Nat gives him a solid punch to the arm. He stops and runs a hand over his arm. That is definitely gonna bruise.

He goes to open his mouth, no doubt to say something to get him in even more trouble with Nat but Scott calls everyone in for breakfast.

After a big breakfast everyone files over to the couches, much the way they had the night before, before 03 had sprung their surprise on the group.

Everyone is talking about last night, mainly Nat's performance, causing her to roll her eyes and change the subject to yesterday's clips.

Everyone becomes slightly more subdued but they all agree that the clips were important and that they needed to watch more.

People start to split off into smaller groups to talk about what they had seen and their thoughts and feelings.

Yelena and Natasha both walk to a corner, talking about their childhood and everything they've seen in the clips before sharing a brief hug and a not so soft punch to the arm.

Bucky, Steve, and Sam are in a corner, quietly conversing until Steve leaves them to talk when Rhodey joins them, leaving Tony alone now that their conversation is complete.

Steve asks Tony if he could talk to him, this causes Tony to tense and nod his head slightly. Eyes narrowed.

They walk out of the shared space and into the hallway.

Steve takes a deep breath before turning to Tony. "I'm sorry."

Tony is surprised. He thought Caps letter was a load of BS but Cap actually seems genuinely upset and regretful. Plus Cap is a terrible liar so Tony actually believes him.

"I know things got out of hand in Siberia. I wasn't trying to hurt you. I just wanted to disable the suit and stop you from killing Bucky."

Tony goes to interrupt but Steve keeps talking.

"I get why you went after him. You were not yourself and you had just seen his body kill your parents. I understand Tony, I really do."

Tony finally sees his chance to interrupt.

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