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Wow. I literally cannot believe i have to say shit like this...

i have muted a few of you for some of your comments.

now look. i really don't care what y'all have to say abt my book imma be honest. (at least negatively)

Also i don't rlly care if you have different opinions than me about certain characters and events in the mcu

but rlly? You dont need to make your opinion heard on every single tiny itty bitty little thing you don't agree with. Big things? yes. but the same comment on every single time the same topic/event comes up/happens? no.

honestly i was just tired of seeing the same comments over and over and over again criticizing my work, like if you're gonna find something wrong at least find something new.

so for everyone to comment on here instead of my other chapters imma put the most controversial topics apparently in my book.

1. And the MOST controversial: Wanda's age. Yes, in the mcu it is stated she was born in 1989. In my book she is not. Simple as that. I have reasons as to why, if you care then ask me and i'll tell you, if you don't then great. If you don't like wanda being younger than don't read the book. like that's rlly all i have to say.

2. tony "hate." now listen i don't hate tony. i actually rather like his one liners and his heart because i think he is one of the best characters in the mcu. however, i do not agree with some of his decisions, including the sokovia accords, i think it was an out of character decision that was made from guilt and pressure from other people instead of his own personal opinions. Again if you don't like it, don't read it.

Tony carries a lot of guilt, and that's real guys like in the movies and the comics he always carries guilt and that's what runs his decisions, so i try to portray that in my story. I have never once said I blame tony for civil war, Tony blames HIMSELF. I will continue to put that in my story, I do not bash, no character has made any super negative comments about another character themselves, have they questioned decisions and faced consequences for their actions? yes. Bashing? No.

3. Steve and Nat. Y'all. I ship them. i rlly don't care whether y'all do or not. that's the end of story.

4. Papa steve and mama nat. Okay guys this goes along with wanda's age, i LOVE the idea that natasha takes wanda under her wing and becomes a mother figure. And because i ship steve and nat obv he becomes a father figure to wanda also. Again if you don't like it please just don't read it.

I want to make this book something you guys will enjoy, I really do. I am just not going to completely change my own beliefs and ideals though and I am not going to uproot my entire book and plot i have already established. So if you want something added then heck yes go to a request chapter and make one, but don't repeatedly comment the SAME COMMENTS over and over again about something that's not gonna change.

Sorry that was a long as hell rant but it had to be said.

Another thing that has to be said is that this only pertains to a few of you. most of you are awesome and i would love for you guys to comment more as it makes me want to write and that will make me get more content out faster! So please keep commenting (nice things! or if there is something you want changed that isn't going to completely undo my entire story then please by all means message me or comment) and it will only help you guys in the end :)

The next chapter will come out soon, Not sure exactly when. People have been making me not want to update and also i've just been hella busy. school actually sucks.

The next chapter is a vision/wanda edit of the 50s/60s and then it is steve's psa's. So look forward to that.

Just another warning, i am not afraid to mute people or completely block. (ESPECIALLY IF THEY MAKE ANOTHER ACCOUNT JUST TO COMMENT ON THIS AGAIN ABOUT HOW I MUTED THEM).

Okay! Happy reading everyone :)

Go drink some water and eat some rabbit food!

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