Chapter Three. Alexei's Girls.

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"All right. I will get back to Steve and Bucky later. Now I am moving on to the glue that holds the whole team together."

"Finally! My turn!"

Everybody stops and stares at Tony.

"Tony, you and Steve started a Civil War between the Avengers over politics that neither of you really agreed with. What are you talking about?"

"Exactly Natasha. You are the one who has held the whole team together. Now and in the future. You have plenty of reason to never trust anyone ever again or to turn your back on the world but you help the people who really need it."

Natasha never shows emotion unless she wants you to see it but for some reason she could not contain her blush and her mouth drops open.

Clint, Wanda, and the other teenagers all stand up and start applauding Nat. Others join in like Steve and Bucky, Pepper, Happy, even Maria. Fury just smiles to himself glad that Nat finally is getting the recognition she deserves and earned.

"All right, all right. I agree with the applause but we have to keep moving.

As I mentioned earlier you guys are characters in my world and people have made edits of you."

"woahhhh" Peter whispers to Ned. Excited that people thought so highly of Nat and the other Avengers, maybe even of him too!!

"This edit shows both the past and future. It will also give you a little insight into Nat's life."

Natasha freezes in her seat and everybody turns to look at her. She looks at Barton and then back at Yelena. Yelena also looks like she is preparing herself, for what she isn't quite sure but she must've been brought here for a reason.

"Everyone. Prepare yourself okay?"

Again everyone looks around. Scared for what is about to be shown because it can't be anything good based on what they know of Nat's past and of the warning 03 just gave them.

"The edit is called Natasha, Yelena & Melina | it was real"

Yelena and Natasha lock eyes. Yelena looks like she is trying not to cry but at the same time wants to scream. Natasha is much the same.

*clip starts*

Alexei in his suit: I think for a couple deep undercover Russian agents, I think we did pretty great as parents.

Scene changes to Melina kneeling down

Melina: What happened?

Yelena moves from Nat's arms into Melina's.

"Oh my god. Nat is that you?" Clint had never seen a young Natasha.

"I had blue hair, yes, Yelena was the little blonde one" She teases at Yelena who just scoffs but it is full of amusement and only a little bit of annoyance.

Nat: She fell on her knee

Melina with an accent: Oh you bumped your knee??

The scene changed to the opening screen and then changed again to a soldier ripping two little hands apart and in the background you can hear Natasha yell out to Yelena.

Nat gets away from the soldier and try's to run to Yelena.

Scene changes again to daylight now. A soldier grabs Yelena's arm and Nat runs up to him and kicks his arm away.

Nat: Get away from her.

Nat grabs his gun and shield Yelena.

Natasha: Don't touch her!

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