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The Truth Brings Change  by one_direction_12_
The Truth Brings Change by one_direction_12_
Peter Parker discovers a family secret that changed his life forever. After the truth gets exposed it caused a major change in his life. A good change but with all good...
Hello? by xxjustabeanxx
Hello?by xxjustabeanxx
Isn't it crazy how small things can have life changing consequences? Peter Parker would consider himself a pretty average teenage boy. He's an orphan living with his aun...
Spiderson Oneshots by Shitttwriter
Spiderson Oneshotsby Shitttwriter
This is my first book. I wrote it cause I was tired of reading crying ass Peter books in this book he cries but not helplessly it cause he's in pain. Plus he's a badass...
IronDad And Spiderson one-shots by BlighttLightt
IronDad And Spiderson one-shotsby Astra
Pretty self explanatory
Peter Stark by Fan_500
Peter Starkby Chloe
Peter Stark, more commonly known as Peter Parker, has many secrets. Most, he keeps from his peers, such as his family and his secret identity as Spider-Man. However, the...
Avengers. In a chatroom. What could possibly go wrong? ~ If you came here to read a logical story, then you're in the wrong section of Wattpad! This fanfiction has no pl...
 The stark life by itsallaboutships
The stark lifeby Phoebe Cardenas
when tony stark ends up getting pepper potts pregnant. Tony Stark coldhearted genius, billioner ,playboy, philantropist is a family man. read to find out also not...
Back Before the Start of Us (on hold) by evahayes907
Back Before the Start of Us (on evahayes907
During one of Tony's parties, the children of the Avengers slip out to get away from what they deem the 'boring' festivities. However; due to a dumb decision to leave t...
Melancholy Hope {Spiderson&Irondad} by MagicaLyss
Melancholy Hope {Spiderson&Irondad}by ✨Lyss✨
Peter Parker is a foster kid, has been since he was 4 years old. Had a tough life. Tougher than it should've been. Doesn't believe in happy endings. Tony Stark has had...
Stark Family (one shots) (mostly pepperony and spiderson  by Right_hand_idiot3000
Stark Family (one shots) (mostly Right_hand_idiot3000
What the title says, duh Characters: Tony Harley Pepper Peter Morgan Rhodes Nat Steve Bucky Bruce Wanda I don't own the characters, marvel does
Marvel Ships by _Marvelholic_
Marvel Shipsby ˗ˏˋgoddess of mischiefˎˊ˗
Parts 2 and 3 are now on my profile!!! ..... Ship or Sink? ..... Here is an overview of marvel ships. Frequent such as Stony, Stucky or Thorki, but also unexpected and a...
Spidey One-Shots by CookieCat0018
Spidey One-Shotsby Cookie A. Writer
Another book of Spider-Man one-shots! MCU Spider-Man is the Peter Parker these stories are based off. All one-shots will be created by me. However, some of the ideas beh...
In his arms one last time by PepperStarkPotts2019
In his arms one last timeby Pepper
Three months after his death, Pepper has a dream about her husband and being in his arms one last time.
An Infinity Away by Geeky_2187
An Infinity Awayby Bee
Tony is finally happy. He has a son that he loves and a fiance whom he adores. Everything was finally looking up for him. Peter has a father figure, scratch that, a dad...
We named him after your eccentric uncle-Morgan! (Pepperony Pregnancy) by konami2003
We named him after your SAM.exe
After the events of Infinity War, the remaining avengers and captain marvel have defeated Thanos and destroyed the soul stone, making half of the universe as well as the...
The escapee - Marvel by Br3adst1ck
The escapee - Marvelby A
Fourteen-year-old Seven has spent her entire life imprisoned in the HYDRA and Red Room facility, experimented on for as long as she can remember. When she finds herself...
Peter Parker's crazy life by sanjneel
Peter Parker's crazy lifeby Nilisha
This is basically oneshots of Peter Parker/stark. I loved reading them so I thought of writing one book myself. Hope you all like it. It will contain: 1. Cliché field tr...
The Only One by starksvoids
The Only Oneby starksvoids
Description: Y/N L/N, a 14 year old prodigy. The smartest that Midtown Tech has seen for such a young age. When one day the unexpected happens, changing her life forever...
Avengers React To Themselves  by BlahBlah1703
Avengers React To Themselves by BlahBlah1703
So pretty much what the title says. Avengers react to clips and edits and other things. I am not a writer so keep that in mind but enjoy! All credit to Marvel/Disney/S...
Avengers React by AveryZ22
Avengers Reactby AveryZ22
Umera, the Goddess of Dimensions and the Multiverse, has brought the Avengers in to react to several different things, including their actors, fanart, memes, ships, tra...