Chapter Thirty Nine. The Red Room Is Your Home Now.

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"Now, before I get back to Wanda and Vision, I am going to finish up Natasha's past in the Red Room."

Natasha gulps slightly. There was still so much that 03 hadn't shared. So many horrors and trauma buried deep within that hell.

Yelena also gulps, she knows Natasha had it worse than she did but Yelena also lived through that wretched place.

Everyone looks at the two with sad smiles, they are so so so sad they had to live through that and survive it but they did. They got through it and the rest of the theater's occupants know they are going to do everything in their power to make up for the sister's childhood.

"This first video is a montage of certain moments in the red room. It also showcases your actors names and Marvel Studios, because in my universe that is the company that makes the movies about your lives. So this is the opening credit scene from the Black Widow movie."

Everybody nods and takes a deep breath. Here we go.

*clip starts*

Young Natasha is unconscious on the ground. Blue hair and a yellow t-shirt, dirtied from the past few hours and fleeing the states.

Dreykov (voice over): Ah... Natasha

Natasha flinches slightly. It's not much but everybody was looking over at her, worried and nobody missed it. They all pretend they did though. She wouldn't want them to have seen it.

A flashlight beam sweeps across the screen, soldiers in full armored uniforms stalk forward cautiously.

The screen becomes back with the words MARVEL STUDIOS PRESENTS

The screen glitches out and Dreykov can be seen walking across in slow motion. Soldiers are yelling in the background and high pitched screams of little girls filter through the air.

SCARLETT JOHANSSON is in the top left corner of the screen when a over view of the shipping container area is shown. Army trucks and a fancy black car both parked on the gravel.

Slowly a shipping container is opened and many little girls are slowly introduced to the artificial light of the soldier's flashlights and the overhead beams. Natasha, who is holding Yelena to her chest, is seen with tears and dirt streaked across her slightly chubby, baby face.

Everyone gasps. Natasha and Yelena share a look and they grab each other's hands. This time they know nothing will separate them. Not like back then.

Once the girls realize what is happening they scream in pure terror. Terrified shrill screams echoing around the space. Natasha brings Yelena even closer to her and moves them slightly away from the opened door, due to the amount of girls packed into the small space they are not able to move far though.

Yelena smiles softly and sadly. Natasha really did care about her, does care. She is glad she has her sister back.

The screen cuts to a black and white title reading, BLACK WIDOW

Soldiers shine their flashlights onto the terrified children. The ones in front are roughly grabbed and dragged out, the rest quickly following so they aren't treated the same. Filing out of the container like cattle being lead to the auction.

Everyone is sitting with their rage. Letting it fester underneath their skin and grow. It aches to be let out but they contain it, saving it for when they get out of this place and can take down Dreykov and the Red Room for good.

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