Chapter Twenty Two. It's hers.

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Natasha walks back into the theater room. Everyone turns to look at her and they all want to say something or comfort her somehow and they either go to stand up or open their mouth.

Natasha starts talking before they can though.



"Play the next clip."

Everyone quickly settled back in their seats and shuts their mouths, clenching their jaw to make sure no sound comes out.

"Okay, this is clip will be lighter. It shows off the badass ladies of Marvel, or well most of them."

All the girls smile. Hell yes. This is going to be awesome!

"The edit is called Take A Hint | Marvel Ladies Tribute by HollyM_Edits"

*clip starts*

Clip opens with Cap holding Sitwell at the edge of a building.

Steve recognizes this moment and starts laughing. Natasha, still a little subdued, smirks.

Sitwell: Cause it's really not your style Rodgers.

Steve smoothed out Sitwell's blazer.

Steve: You're right. It's not. It's hers.

Steve steps away and Natasha kicks him off a building on beat with the song.

Everyone cracks up. The beat drop in time with the kick was hilarious.

Clip cuts to Wanda walking down the steps in her "Sokovian fortune teller" outfit.

Steve's and Clint's jaws drop. Shuri and MJ, who had gotten closer to Wanda yesterday and this morning, both wolf whistle causing Wanda to turn as red as her powers.

Natasha turns to her daughter with a raised eyebrow.

"It's a traditional Sokovian Fortune Teller's outfit, it's probably Halloween or something!" Wanda defends.

Natasha nods her head but still keeps her WTF look.

Wanda: Somebody better be bleeding, broken, or on fire.

Clip cuts to show Valkyrie easily defending herself against Loki.

Everyone laughs again, they don't know who that is but she looks awesome.

Gamora tilts her head.

Jane walks up to Loki and slaps him across the face.

Everyone cheers, he definitely deserved that then. Maybe he didn't now but when Jane did it, definitely.

Clip of Carol blasting Yon-Rugg.

Everyone is impressed with her powers, they hadn't seen them before, well besides Fury.

Scene changes to Monica falling into a kneeling position, a blue glow breaking her fall.

"Do I have powers?!?" Monica questions almost hysterically. WHAT?

Monica looks up with her eyes glowing blue before the clip cuts away to Natasha walking out of the court hearing after she released the Hydra documents.

Everyone cheers for Nat.

Cuts to Wanda in her cell at Hydra, she smashes two blocks together.

Everyone notes how different and how unstable she looks. They can't believe they didn't put it together that the scepter messed with her mind before she told them.

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