Chapter Fourty. Abandoned

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"Natasha, this is not going to be the last clip from your past but it is one of the last large secrets from the Red Room that I will show."

Natasha freezes once again. There are still so many things to show that the others dont know about, including Yelena. Which one is this? Also... one of the last?

"In fact, you don't even know it."

At that everybody whips their heads towards Natasha who is still frozen in her seat, eyes wide. They can all tell she is attempting to hide her reaction but for once it isn't working even a little bit. Pure terror is written across her face.

"Um- I. What is it about?" Natasha swallows, she can already feel tears building and she can't let them spill. Especially because the clip hasn't even started yet.

"Your mom. Not Melina, but your birth mom."

Natasha let's the tears go. There was no chance at keeping them in at this point. A million thoughts are running through her head, what dont I already know? That she abandoned me? Left me in the street like trash? Did she actually do that? But most of all, who is she?

Everyone else looks on in sympathy. They don't know anything about her birth mom. They just hope it isn't all traumatic like the rest of her childhood was, though they know how it ends so it can't be good.

"This will be a few clips. This is every time your birth mom is mentioned during your take down of the Red Room."

*clip starts*

Yelena and Natasha are sat at a picnic table, empty beer bottles and basic medical supplies laid upon the table top. They are watching a man with his son, probably about five.

Yelena: Did you ever look for your parents? Your real ones?

Natasha looks down at the beer in her hand.

Natasha: Well, my mom abandoned me in the street like garbage.

Everybody looks at Natasha who looks down at her feet. Her hands are fidgeting with one another and everybody can see that this brings up a great deal of pain for their widow. Steve leans over to kiss her on the forehead, rubbing her back to offer any comfort he can.

Everyone is pissed though. How could somebody do that to a child? Tony seethes next to Pepper. He may have made fun of Natasha's two faced habits and questioned her incessantly about her past but he does care about her. He promises to himself to find out who she was, he knows she is long dead because she didn't have the serum like Natasha did but he needs to know.

She looks at Yelena before she looks away and takes another sip of her beer.

Natasha: What about you?

A mother and another child walk up to the father and little boy, obviously a family, happy as can be.

Yelena: They destroyed my birth certificate, so... I reinvented it.

"They destroyed it?" Wanda asks in a whisper? Even she had her birth certificate. Hydra had kept both hers and Pietro's in their files, after they took it from the Sokovian government database and deleted it.

Natasha and Yelena both nod at the teenagers question. The Red Room always destroyed any documentation about all of the girls. No paper trail to find.

Natasha looks at Yelena.

Yelena: My parents still live in Ohio, my sister moved out west.

Natasha smiles like it's funny.

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