Chapter Five. Natalie Rushman

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"Okay so the next one is from the past as well. It is not sad like the last few videos were"

"Oh thank god. I was seriously starting to get depressed." Scott announced.

"Try having to go to school now a days" MJ snarked back.

Nat and the other females in the room started laughing at her. Wishing they had the guts to do that when they were in high school, or were her age considering a lot of them didn't go to high school.

"This is actually when our first two Avengers met one another."

Tony pales while Pepper and Nat start laughing much to the confusion of everyone else.

*clip starts*

Pepper: The notary's here! Can you please come sign the transfer paperwork?

Tony: I'm on happy time.

Tony hits Happy in the face with his elbow

Happy: What the hell was that?

Tony: It's called mixed martial arts. It's been around for three weeks.

Happy: It's called dirty boxing, there's nothing new about it.

"No seriously Tony. You are one of the dirtiest fighters I have ever seen and I grew up in the Red Room where kids killed each other. Like my god." Natasha laughs out. She figured everybody already figured out that specific fact about the Red Room.

Everybody stops for a minute at what she said but they cannot disagree that Tony really does fight dirty.

Tony: All right, put them up. Come on. Nat walks in. Both Happy and Tony look at her.

"Damn Nat. Trying to catch somebody's attention or something?" Clint laughs.

Yelena laughs and says obviously with an eye roll. Which in turn causes Nat to roll her eyes and huff.

Nat walks over to Pepper.

Pepper: I promise this is the only time I will ask you to sign over your company.

Nat: I need you to initial each box.

Happy lightly punches Tony on the back of the head

Happy: Lesson one. Never take your eye off...

Tony kicks him and he goes crashes into the ropes.

Tony: That's it. I'm done. What's your name, lady?

Natasha: Rushman. Natalie Rushman

"Yeah, Natalie Rushman my ass," Tony mutters under his breath earning a slap to the back of the head from Pepper.

Tony: Front and centre. Come into the church.

Pepper: No. You're seriously not gonna ask...

Tony: If it pleases the court, which it does.

Nat: It's no problem.

Pepper: I'm sorry. He's very eccentric.

Nat gets in the ring.

Everybody wolf whistles. The loudest being Clint and Yelena.

Tony drinks a sip of the dark drink in his water bottle.

Tony: What? Can you give her a lesson?

Happy: No problem.

Tony: Pepper

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