Chapter Thirty Five. Love Perservering

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"The next clips of Wanda and Vision are from after Sokovia, and from right before Thanos."

Everyone nods.

*clips starts*

Agatha watched as Wanda walks through a doorway, before Agatha follows her.

On the other side of the door is Wanda's room in the Avengers compound.

She is watching tv from her place on the end of her bed in the memory.

Agatha: Oh Wanda. Movin' on up! So where are we now?

Wanda: The Avengers compound. It was the first home Vision and I ever shared.

Agatha looks at Wanda quickly before her eyes go back to the other version of Wanda, the past version.

She looks slightly disgusted and very judgmental.

Wanda: Pietro was dead and I was in a new country, I was all alone.

Natasha frowns. She was not very close to Wanda at this point, still holding a slight grudge over South Africa. She doesn't even think anybody was completely nice to Wanda those first few weeks. Steve was polite, as he always is, and Sam cracked a few jokes to make her laugh but nobody really tried to get close to her until later, after they found out her age.

Natasha reaches over to lightly squeeze her daughters shoulder, she doesn't even know if it is to comfort the teenager or if it is to comfort herself.

Past Wanda tilts her head slightly but doesn't take her eyes from the television.

Past Wanda: Vision?

She looks over at the wall that he phases through.

"Dude you have to stop doing that!" Sam calls out.

"Mr.Wilson, my phasing through walls has gotten better." Vision starts to defend himself before being cut off by Sam again.

"It shouldn't happen at all! Use the door! And before you ask, don't phase through it, open it and walk through!" Sam yells exasperated. Vision having scared him too many times by coming through the wall.

Vision: I apologize I don't mean to intrude.

Wanda: don't?

Vision looks thoughtful.

Vision: Well, I suppose yes, I did intend to come in here.

Clint snorts. That was funny.

Wanda: And now?

Vision: And-

He stops himself and changes directions.

Vision: Well, whatever is your preference.

Wand lifts her hand and pats the bed beside of her once, leaving her hand on the bed as if she has no energy or will to move any more than she has to.

Steve leans over to kiss the top of Wanda's head. He hated that she ever had to live through the things she has, that she still has to do deal with it.

Vision nods at the silent answer before moving to sit beside of Wanda on the blue and white bedspread now that Wanda moved her hand.

Wanda, who had looked back at the tv, looks down before she looks over to Vision, and then back at the television.

On the screen is a sitcom, a man is building/fixing his house and he finishes hammering a nail, once he steps back to look at his work the entire awning falls on top of him.

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