Chapter Fifteen. The Snap.

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"So today's viewings are going to start with a clip called the snap."

"Why do you sound sad?" Peter asked.

"This clip is going to be very difficult to watch. I am so sorry but you guys need to know."

Everyone looks around at each other. They all take a collective breath to prepare themselves. If 03 thinks this is going to be bad, after what we already watched. Something is definitely wrong.

Thanos: You should have... you... You should have gone for the head!

Thanos raises his gauntlet and snaps his fingers.

Gamora and Nebula gasp. He did it.

Thor: NO!

The screen turns white. It cuts to a view of Thanos his hand on his chest. Thanos now seems to be inside the Soul Stone, where he sees a child and the pavilion from the planet of the Zen-Whoberi.

Thanos: Daughter?

Gamora laughs but it is full of loathing. He does not get to call her his daughter, especially while standing in what appears to be a version of her home world.

The child turns around, revealing herself to be Young Gamora.

Peter Quill grabs Gamora's hand, offering silent reassurance. Everyone turns to look at Gamora, confused but also in understanding about difficult family ties. They have all been there.

Gamora: Did you do it?

Thanos: Yes.

Gamora: What did it cost?

Thanos: Everything.

Nebula and Gamora look at each other in shock. Why does he seem so sad?

Thanos is snapped back to reality, and notices the damage inflicted on the gauntlet -- the metal scorched and distorted from heat, the stones no longer glowing.

Thor: What'd you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?!

Thanos nearly seems to not notice Thor before he uses the Space Stone and teleports away, leaving Stormbreaker behind on Wakandan ground.

Everyone gasps. What is going on??

Steve stumbles into the clearing, holding his left side

Steve: Where'd he go? Thor... where'd he go?


Bucky Barnes: Steve?

Bucky suddenly stumbles over, drops his gun and collapses into ashes. Steve he walks over in shock and touches the ground where Bucky's ashes landed.

Everyone gasps again. Bucky turns a ghostly white and grips Steve's hand. He is not afraid to die. After everything he went through he would actually welcome the reprieve. He just does not want to leave Steve to feel guilty about his death. He had already done that once and has plans to never do it again.

Steve can only think one thought, I've failed again.

On the battlefield, Wakandan soldiers disintegrate to ashes, while M'Baku looks on in shock and horror.

Nobody can believe their eyes. People are just turning into dust. Because a giant purple grape with a nutsack for a chin snapped his fingers.

T'Challa: Up, General. Up! This is no place to die.

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