Chapter Thirty Seven. Stop. Drop. And Roll.

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"So I will get back to Wanda and Vision later. Now I am going to embarrass one Mr. America!"

"Oh god..." Steve trails off.

Sam and Bucky are grinning at the soldier and Wanda is giggling. Steve can't even tell her to stop, he does hit Sam and Bucky on the back of the head to get them to face the screen instead of him, though.

"Let's go Cap. Cant wait for this one!" Tony interjects with his signature smirk. Pepper rolls her eyes at her boyfriend but doesn't say anything.

Natasha looks at Steve with an eyebrow raised, wondering what they are about to see.

*clip starts*

The screen is black until a loud drum beat is heard and an American flag background with a red and blue circle is shown on the screen.

The words RAPPIN' WITH CAP, FOOD FOR THOUGHT are shown written in and under the circle.

Suddenly Peter, Ned, and MJ groan. That causes everyone to look at them confused.

Steve turns a the darkest red they have ever seen him and starts whispering under his breath. He is slouched in his chair so much that Bucky is reminded of his old self, he really can be tiny.

Steve suddenly is shown in front of a green screen, in his full uniform.

Steve: Hi. I'm Captain America. Whether you're a student, or a soldier, there is one thing that will always give you an edge.

Everyone looks at Steve confused but Tony, Natasha, Yelena, Clint, and Bucky are all slowly growing smiles as they figure out what is happening. Everyone else not far behind them.

The green screen behind Steve suddenly turns into a lunch tray like one would get in a cafeteria.

Steve: A hot lunch.

The screen changes to a bunch of different foods.

Steve: Do don't have to be injected with a secret government super soldier serum to have strong bones and muscles. A well balanced diet is one of the best ways to help keep your body healthy!

"You. Did. Not." Sam speaks slowly with one of the biggest grins anybody had ever seen, swiped across his face.

"Oh yes he did!" Ned calls out from the back row.

Steve groans and buried his head in his hands, hiding his face from everyone in the room.

Natasha leans over to rub his back and offer a little comfort but her wide smile is still stretched across her face, showing how amused she is with the situation presented to her.

A ding sound is heard in the back ground when a good pyramid is suddenly to the right of Steve. Steve takes his hands off of his hips and awkwardly motions towards the pyramid.

Steve: A food pyramid, will help you find the balance.

The same American flag background is shown with Steve now in the circle. The words THIS HAS BEEN RAPPIN' WITH CAP written in the outline of the circle. In the center of the circle Steve gives a small smile and salutes the camera.

Nobody can keep their laughs in.

"Please tell me there are more!" Tony calls out in hysterics.

"Mr. Stark, there are so many. Everything from healthy lunches, to detention videos, to 'your changing body'" Peter tells his mentor.

Everyone looks at Peter and Steve incredulously.

"YOUR CHANGING BODY" Clint cackles. Him and Yelena are leaning against each other, halfway in the floor, from their laughing fit that still hasn't stopped. Natasha is actually getting worried one of them is either going to pee themselves or throw up from lack of oxygen.

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