Chapter Nineteen. Such A Poser.

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"I am so sorry guys but we have to keep moving. We can take a quick break if you need to though."

Everyone looks around. They know they need to get through this so that they can make sure Natasha and Tony do not die in the future.

Tony speaks up, "I think I speak for all of us when I say that yes, we are a little shaken but we need to keep moving."

Everyone nods and murmurs agreements.

"Okay, I will give you guys a light hearted edit is that good?"

Everyone nods, still a little subdued, but excited to take their mind off of this for the moment and watch something more light hearted and funny.

"This edit is called Yelena Belova radiating younger sibling energy for 3 minutes and 15 seconds"

Everyone laughs. What a descriptive title.

"It is by editsbyrebecca"

*clip starts*

A black screen with the words yelena belova radiating younger sibling energy

Suddenly the screen changes to Natasha's safe house in Budapest.

The sight of the safe house that he knows so well makes Clint laugh causing people to send him weird looks that he just waves off. Budapest might have been one of the worst missions ever but him and Nat really bonded on the trip. That safe house is where he started to think of her like a sister.

Yelena leans down to look in a cabinet.

Yelena: The gas immunizes the brains neuropathways from external manipulation.

Everyone that is great with science, so Tony, Bruce, Jane, Darcy, Peter, and Strange all nod thinking that makes perfect sense.

Everyone else is very confused.

Natasha walks behind her.

Natasha: Maybe in english next time.

Everyone who didn't understand the explanation nods along with Natasha's statement.

Yelena in Russian: It's an antidote to mind control.

Natasha in Russian: Real mature.

Everyone laughs. That was funny.

The clip cuts to Natasha driving a nice looking car and Yelena is in the passenger seat, looking at her vest.

Yelena: You know this is the first piece of clothing I've ever bought for myself?

Natasha looks at Yelena.

Natasha asks Yelena "that? what did you buy it at a U.S army base?"


Yelena off screen: Yeah you don't like it?


Natasha looks resigned.

Natasha: I like your vest.

Yelena laughs. She is wearing her vest so she straightens it and wipes nonexistent dust off her shoulder.

On the screen is the words *finally gets older sister's validation*

Natasha laughs at that.

Yelena: God. I knew it. I knew you did. It's so cool right??

Cuts to after the final battle. Yelena starts to take her vest off.

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