chapter 2

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*Nadias pov*

I slowly come to consciousness and open my eyes but immediately I groan and close them,too much light all at once it feels like I have a hangover but I don't remember drinking last night? I'm pretty sure I didn't?

Then the memories start flooding back to me..meeting with Olivia..walking home and holy fucking shit getting drugged.

This is where I start to panic I'm probably in some fucking cold basement right now tied to a bed these sick fucks don't know what's coming to them as soon as a get out of these...? Wait I'm not tied up I realise as I begin to move my arms and legs just to make sure.

Pretty lousy kidnappers if I do say so myself.

I muster up the courage to open my eyes willing to deal with whatever pain strikes through my head; as my eyes adjust to the light I see bars around me am I in a cage perhaps? No it can't be there's no top and this is when I really get a look around the room it almost looks like....a nursery? it's oversized though almost like for someone my height...I look down at my body seeing what looks like a onesie.

Only at this point did I notice there was something in my mouth after I immediately spit it out I realise it's a pacifier but yet again it's oversized.

The cogs in my mind are turning and it finally cliques these people think I'm a baby? what kind of messed up fantasy are these people living in I am certainly not a baby! yes I'm on the shorter side with my 5'2 figure I'm a 19 year old college student though who's perfectly capable of caring for myself! Let me tell you when I say these people are getting a piece of my mind!

When I stand up I notice I have mittens on my hands oh lucky me,with enough willpower and trying to different angles I was able to get one off with my teeth god knows how but it means I'll be able to take the other off with my free hand.

Once both are removed I start thinking logically how to get out of this cage they've trapped me I refused to call it a crib.Maybe I'll be able to hoist myself up but it's quite high? I can't make too much noise I noticed a baby monitor near the bed so one wrong move and it's over for me.

Well it's worth a shot I raise my hands onto the bars which meet my chest about midway and slowly start hoisting myself up until I'm able to pull one leg over and then the over leaving my sat dangling on top of the bars.

I'm able to slowly lower myself down into the floor as soon as I do so though I hear footsteps coming down the hallway.

In my panic I dont have much to think as I look around the room looking for possible hiding spaces it's not gonna keep them away forever but it will postpone it, my eyes spot a door opened a creek which leads to what looks like a closet.As I carefully open the door I spot the perfect place to hide.

There's a rack of onesies and dresses which makes me shudder this is no time to be disgusted though I have to hide behind them.

I manage to carefully got into the corner with minimal noise curling myself up in a ball and cover myself with the hung up racks of clothing, by the time I've done this I heard the door to the room opening.

*third person pov*

When Wanda awoke she felt herself wrapped in Nat's embrace who was still peacefully sleeping she smiled at her companion before wiggling her way out of her hold carefully making sure she didn't wake her up.

She yawned as she sat up and reached for the baby monitor which she heard noise on,Nadia was awake!

The woman could barely contain her excitement she was finally able to welcome her babygirl,as she stood up she just grabbed a random pair of pyjama pants not checking to see if they were hers or Nat's there was more important matters right now.

After sliding them on quickly she walked out of the room and headed the nursery which was only down the hall.

As she opened the door her excitement quickly faded as she spotted an empty crib with no traces of the girl inside except a pacifier,the crumpled up blanket and the mittens,she knew the girl couldn't be far as the only way out was through the bedroom door which she would've heard.

"Nadia? Baby please come out it's not the right time to play hide and seek right now" Wanda spoke

The poor girl in the closet was struggling to ease her anxiety as she started to shake out of fear trying to calm her breathing,the woman knew her name?

Wanda knew it was only natural for her to act like this at the start so she didn't intend to punish the girl for getting out the crib she just needed to let her know if she does it again there will be consequences as there will be for breaking any other rules.

She gave up trying to coo the girl out after three attempts and began searching it wasn't as if there was many places to hide for her anyway.

She searches all the possible hiding spots in the room not finding the girl meaning she was in the walk in closet,as Wanda opens the door her eyes scour all the nooks and crannies while out of the corner of her eye she spots a tiny bit of a onesie sticking out from behind the clothing rack making her laugh a bit to herself; her baby is so silly.

As she moves the hangers on the rack to one side finally seeing Nadia tucked away in the corner she sees the shocked expression on the girls face as she realises who she's looking at.

No one other than Wanda Maximoff herself.

Authors note
I'm half asleep right now so I will check for spelling mistakes tomorrow and maybe change some things:)


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