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First of all so sorry that I have not update in few days. I went to OTRA concert it was awesome. Thanks so much for a hundred reads. I never thought anyone want to read my story. I not edit it and just type what go inside my head and post. Thanks so much for my readers. This story is coming to the end soon. Thanks.


Louis come to Zayn house and hangout with Liam on the sofa watch a movie. After the incident at the restaurant Liam rush to Zayn home and soon after Louis arrived. 

"Hey Liam can I ask you something?" ask Louis

"Sure. What is it?"

"Do you like Zayn?"

Liam look at Louis and turn to the TV screen and look back at Louis.

"Come on mate it just a simple question? Do you like him or not?" ask Louis again and starring at Liam.

"Well what about you?" ask Liam

"What about me?"Ask Louis looking confuse.

"I know that you like him too." say Liam.

"I did in the first place well he a good looking guy. When he with Harry I let go."

"So you do have that feeling for him."

"It like a puppy love. I guess. Now I got someone else." say Louis.

"Oh I see. Who is that lucky guy?"

"He somewhere in this house." say Louis and smirk at Liam.

"Do I know him?"

"Very much yes. Back to my question do you like Zayn still?" ask Louis.

"Why you ask?"

"Because I need a good asnwer and I don't want you to change it." Say Louis back to Liam.

"I still like him. We are best buddy. I don't want to take the happiness of him when he found Harry."

"Yes it true I never see Harry that happy and really care. Even he younger than him he like him a lot and care about him in his own way." say Louis.

"So who is that lucky guy in your life?" ask Liam.

"Well you want an honest answer?"

"Of course. Come on just tell me already?"

"He sitting here in front of me." say Louis and looking at Liam.

"What? You like me?"ask Liam back.

"Yup. I like you Liam. Can we be together?"

"Wow so fast mate."

"Why not?"

"I don't think I'm ready yet."

"For a relationship? We can start slow whichever suit you." say Louis and hold Liam hands. "I know it out of sudden and it surprise you I'm sorry. I can wait until you ready."

"Ok. Thanks Louis. I appreciate that. I can't believe you like me." say Liam back.

"Well beside Zayn you the goodlooking one. I like you but I don't have the courage to say it and now it like a moment to say it out loud."

"I want to check on them." say Liam walking to Zayn room and Louis follow behind slowly.

Liam open the door slowly and take a peek. Harry has transform back into human and Zayn was cuddle him close. It so sweet to watch them. Liam just standing there looking and then "Babe why don't we just let them sleep and we can continue our chat." say Louis and dragging Liam back to the hall.

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