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"Yes it work. I did it. I can stay here. He even kissed my head. Yippie.' I said to myself. 

I watch him leave the house and lock the door. I changed back to my original self and finish the foods. I was hungry and thirsty from the running last night and i guess i just passed out. I don't remember what happen after I just curl myself to keep warm.

I clean the table and all the dishes. It the least I can do for him. I wander around the house. I saw many pictures of him with his cat Casper. He one lucky cat to have the owner like him. 

After taking a nap on the sofa I was hungry and I see it already pass two in the afternoon. I cook some pasta that I found in the cabinet. Why not cook a bit extra at least when Zayn come home he can eat too.

I love to cook and I want Zayn to keep me longer. I can't wait for him to come home. He said he need to discuss with me about me. Being a catboy as he called me I don't want anybody to know.

I watched some movie and get sleepy and I guess another nap won't hurt. 


Author note.

I'm sorry if this stories not been proof reading. I just type straight. Hope you enjoy the story so far. It based on the drama but I changed to make my own story. Enjoy. Thanks for reading. 

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