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I'm finish tying Zayn hands on the headpost. He just silent in the whole process. I love seeing him tied up and can't move. I move to his legs next and do the same.

"Are you okay Zayn?"

'Yup. What are you trying to do?"

"Something you will love."

'Oh Harry I don't know you into kinky thing. Why You don't tell me early?"

"I'm telling you now. I like to dominate. I want you to be comfortable as you can and then I'm going to start play with you."

"Okay." he sound a bit nervous and scared. I love Zayn so much I will not hurt him. Except from yesterday where I don't have control.

Today I remember to prep him first. I bring the lube and start with his hole. He seem to be enjoying so far. When his length become hard enough I slip in a cock ring. This is he unexpected. "Harry!"

"Sorry Zayn I have to do it. "


"That the point. I want you to wait. I will make you release in a while."

"Harry..please.." he start begging me. This my favourite part.

I slip in the vibrator in his prep hole and put it on slow level. I look at his face and he enjoying it. I put on level higher level and he begin to sweat. My sweet Zayn is under my control. "Harry...please..Harry"

I just keep it for a while and then to the higher level. He so damn hot. He started to twist and turn but I tied him up and he barely move. All I hear is he begging me to stop the thing.

"Harry I need to come...please. Let me come."

"In a minute Zayn." I want to tease him more. I palm him and he lost control and the cockring unleash inself and he come undone. There so much release coming from him. Well done Harry you make him happy. 

"Zayn...are you okay.? Zayn..." I withdraw the vibrator and untied him. Lastly I open his blindfold. He fall asleep after the big release. I went to the bathroom and bring wet towel and clean him up. I let him sleep for a while. I keep all the things and laying beside him and hold him close.

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