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Harry decided to went out and hang out at the park near the apartment where they stay. He walk along the pak and sit by the big tree and play with his phone. It so much fun to breath the fresh air and watching the clouds change shapes.  

'Hey there." Niall say hi to Harry. They been friends since kindergarden.

'Hi...OMG Is it you?" Harry quickly get up and hugs his best mate.

"Yes It me.. what happen happen to you? Why you not at school?" Niall hugs back and they both sit down on the grass.

"I take a break from school." say Harry looking at Niall.

"Your parents okay about it?" Niall ask him.


"I miss you Harry. What you doing here?"

"Just take fresh air."

"You stay here now?" Niall look at him curiously.

"It a long story."

"I got all day."Niall said. He know what really happen to Harry. He his bestmate. Anywhere Harry go there always Niall along. Harry told him what happen that night and how he end up in Zayn apartment.

"Wow how is he? Is he great? He goodlooking? I know your taste mate...please more info." Niall begging him.

"Of course he goodlooking. He too hot. He older than me a few years. But I don't mind. He great."

"Can I meet this beautifully handsome guy of yours?" beg Niall to Harry.

"Let me think first..."

"Oh come on Harry it not that I going to stole him...from you.'

'You not the first Niall..please trust me you not."

"How many guy want him?"Niall ask him.

"There a few."Harry replied and look jealous. Harry phone beep. He slide the phone to unlock and there a message from Zayn.

"I miss you my baby kitty..see you soon. I come home early."

"I have to go. You want to come to meet him? He come home early today." Harry get up and keep the phone on the back pocket. Niall follow along to Zayn house.

"It my lucky day." say Niall.

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