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Louis was waiting patiently outside the door. He worry about Harry. What if he can't go home? Zayn going to be wreck. I heard that day when Harry went out with his mom and Zayn rush home to find him missing he had a panic attack. Poor guy. He so in love with Harry. Harry need to come clean about who he is. I can tell Zayn but it not my place to tell.

"Hi Louis. How are you?" Harry mom come to me.

"Madam I don't see you there?Sorry mam." I get up from my seat.

"It okay Louis you done a lot of thing to keep my son safe. I been so worried when he went missing that day and no one found him. I need to see this guy that take care of him."

"Well mam there something you need to know. I don't think it my place to tell?"

"Oh I know. Who the lucky guy?"

"How...how do you found out?"

"Harry tell me on the phone. He share everything to me and I can't believe it at first but if he make him happy I don't mind. All I want my son to be happy."

'Well I glad to hear that. Maybe one day he will bring him." I say to her.

"What took him so long?"

"Maybe he have a lot to discuss with Harry." I said back.

"Well I hope he don't stress that kid out or else he run away again. Maybe I should go in."

I just watch as she knock on the door and without it open she open it herself and let herself in.


"What you doing with my son?" my mom just come in after a knock.

"Nothing. Do you know that he have a boyfriend?" my dad ask my mom.

"Yup. Of course I know."

"Well when you going to tell me that?"

"When he ready."my mom replied back.

I just sit down and watch they talk about me. While they keep on talking I open the door and let myself out.

'Harry...you finish?" Louis ask me.

"Well I think they don't see me out. I let myself out. Let go Louis I need to be back before Zayn come home."


We start to walk slowly and then "Harry Edward Styles where you think you going!?" My dad voice and be heard all over the mansion.

I panic and quickly changed into my cat form and run as fast as I can from him.

"Look what you done. He run again."I heard my mom voice. "Louis go after him. I want him safe."

Louis run as fast as he can. He need to chase Harry before anything bad happen to him. They out of the house and there no sign of him. "This is make me tired to chase after the cat. Harry where are you?"

I hide behind the bush and see Louis run out exhaused. "Harry come here. Harry!"

I walk slowly to him and he see me and grab me."There you are. I need to bring you back to Zayn."

"Meow." Great I going to see my Zayn. Louis cuddle me and we went back to his car. He put me at the back seat and I fall asleep.

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