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"Zayn please don't be too close to Louis." Harry whine by by side on the bed.

"Why? I thought you like him too."

"I do like him but I don't like you too close to him." He wrap his big arms around my waist and put his headat my shoulder.

"Harry...are you jealous?" I turn my head and to him and he kiss me long on my lips and we have to stop for air.

"I like you so much and I don't like to share. You are mine. Only mine." He left hickeys all over my neck and sholuder.

"Harry..how old are you? You should be in school and I have to support you. I  don't want you waste you life just be with me and you must be bored stay at home. I want the best for you....

"Zayn...Zayn.."he put his fingers on my lips. "Don't worry about me okay. Why you change the subject? I just want you alone. You are mine."

"What you talking about?" I asked him. I was confuse he keep on talking about been his only.

"I see the way Liam look at you and today I see how Louis look at you. They all want to be like me so that they can be close to you."

"I like you Harry."

"I know I just don't like them close to you. When I in my cat form and see how close you guys are it do make me jealous." He cuddle me close.

"I'm sorry Harry. We are together now. I don't care about our age or Liam or Louis what I care about is you. I love you." I kissed him over and over and we laying on the bed and I can feel his sneaky fingers goes inside my tee and try to lift it up. "Harry.."

"Let make love Zayn. Let me make you happy." He manage to take my tee off me. He start to attack my nipples. "Harry...stop.."

"No can do love."

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