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I can't believe that Harry cat with Zayn all this time. I been stalker Zayn since the day Harry been missing. The last place is near his apartment. He found a new cat and I have to pretend to be a new staff in the big building where he work just to spy on him.

Now what a lucky day for me. Liam bring Zayn for dinner and for the first time he bring Harry too. I keep my distance from them I don't want Harry to notice me. He will be missing again.

I wait until they finish eating. Zayn put Harry back into the bag and they going to exit the door when I approach them.

"Hey Zayn, Liam."

'Hey Louis. Didn't see you around just now?" asked Liam.

"I'm with a friend."

'Hey Louis." Zayn finally said.

'What you have there Zayn?"

"OH it my cat."

"So cute. What his name?"


"Great name. Not always people name their cat great name like that usually cute name."

"Well I like Harry."

"Sorry mate we have to go." Said Liam and open the door.

"Have a great evening guys see you at work." I reply to them and wave a bit.

It confirm. It Harry. You not going to stay with him longer Harry. I got you back. I take out my phone and pressed the number.

"Hello ma'am. I found him."

"Thanks Louis. You the best. I see you soon." she hang out the phone.

I quickly rush outside to follow them home. I need to know which house exactly Zayn. I can't just ask him. He not talking much with me. 

I went to see my bos. I need to tell her where exactly Harry is. She been worried sick for him. I knocked on her door. 


I enter the room and she was sitting on her favourite chair.

"So you did found him? Please tell me where I'm going to pay him a visit."

"I found where he staying now. You want me to come with you ma'am?"

"No it fine. I just see him alone. Thanks Louis."

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