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"Hey Liam thank you for having us." I put on the seatbelt and Harry sitting on my lap. 

"No problem. I just don't want to eat alone. I'm glad you make it. I thought I have to go inside your house and throw water on you to wake you up." He said and start driving.

"Meowww." Look like Harry is angry. I pet his head and calm him a bit.

"You so attached to this cat. I guess he did belong to you since nobody put on any missing cat poster."

"Yup. I love him so much Leeyuum. He the cutest cat ever." i kissed Harry again and again.

"Stop it. You Making me jealous. Now I wish I have a cat too. Or maybe a dog. What you think Zayn?"

"Are you any good with animals?"

'I am what make you think other wise?"

"Well let me not say anything in front of Harry. I don't want him to get scared." I just want to make Liam feel bad...hehehe to make him jealous.

"We here." say Liam and stop the car. I put Harry in the cat bag and carry him gently. We enter the restaurant and have our table. I take out Harry and make him comfortable. We order the foods and there also menu for pets. Great.

"So do you want to tell me what make you so tired?" Asked Liam looking at me.

Lie Zayn. I'm not good with lying he will found out. "I finally get my release." I just say to him straight on his face.

He choke on his drink for a while. " Sorry I didn't mean to say it but you know I'm not good with lying. So that my answer."

"You really did it after how long? Who the lucky guy? May I know?"

"He of cute in it kind of way." well Harry really look good as a boy and cute as a cat.

"Wow. I'm happy for you Zayn."

"Thanks. Liam".

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