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My phone ring wake me up from my slumber. I grab the phone and answer." Hello?"

"Hey Zayn, What up? How are you feeling?"

"Liam..what you want?" I still feel sore but in a good way. How long I been sleeping? I don't have time to play around.

"The last time I left you on your bed you are passed out. I want to invite you for dinner tonite. You can bring Harry if you want to. It a pet friendly restaurant. I come pick you at 7. Better get ready I don't want to wait."

"But Liam...I not..I..."

"I don't know what you doing today that make you so tired I come at 7 sharp. See you and your cute cat Harry." he said and hang out the phone.

He know me too much. He know I'm tired. I can't hide anything from him. He not found out yet about Harry. Should I told him or not yet. I look at the clock and it quater to 7. Damn he called and asked me for dinner and expect me to get ready in 15minutes. 

"Harry wake up." I try to wake Harry up. He turn into a cat again.

"I'm going to get ready. You don't need to do much just be the cutest cat you can. Liam come to pick us at 7 for dinner. Hey just now what you did to me it was awesome. Thanks Harry." I kissed him on his head and he just meow and look at me. I can't believe my cat do that to me. Well he not just a normal cat.

I get ready as fast as I can. I look at Harry he just laying on the bed. So good to be a cat sometime you can just laying around and do nothing and eat a lot and be like Garfield the cat. "Hey Harry I forget to asked how you get al the stuff? I don't remember buy anything?"


"Oh I forget. You ready? I think I hear a car horn. Must be Liam can't wait for even 1 minute." I grab Harry in my arms. I put on his collar and and bring his bag at least if he sleepy he can sleep nicely. I lock the door and rush to meet Liam.

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