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"Wake up...wake up...wake up...wake up..wake up..." my alarm clock ringing. I had no idea why i used this song as my alarm to wake me up. I press off button and sit on my bed. Time to get ready and go to work. The same routine for 5 days a week. My life kind of boring.

I'm getting ready and went to kitchen to prepared my breakfast. I look at the sofa and saw a naked boy lying on it. Since when i have a naked boy in my house? So far as I know I'm staying alone only sometimes Liam come over and spent time together.

I went to the kitchen and grab a pan. I'm ready to smash this naked boy when he wake up and I saw the bandage on his hand. Wait a minute what happen last night?

I saw a box by the door. Last night I bring this cute fluffy cat home and he got injured. Now I'm having a hot cute naked boy on my sofa. Is he the same person/cat? I'm confused. I touch his hand and he stir a bit.

Oh no he going to wake up. What should I do? I get the pan closer to me and he take a peek through his eyes and saw me.

"Hi.." he said and that voice make my heart race. Calm down Zayn you don't know this person/kid/cat?

"Who are you?" i asked him.

"I'm Harry."

"I'm Zayn."

"Thank you Zayn for saving me." he look at his palm and take the bandage away.

"What are you?"

"I'm sorry. You must be freak out. I'm part cat and boy."

"Oh." I don't know waht to say. I'm still shocked. How come a boy can be a cat...a cat can be a boy?

"Well do you have anything i can borrow?"

"Ops..sorry wait here I go grab something." I pass him the pan and rush to my room to grab something that he can wear. I ruch back to him and give him the clothes.

"What with the pan?" he asked and start getting dress.

"Oh i'm going to make breakfast." It a lied and a truth..I can't tell him I'm about to him and now I'm going to make breakfast.

"Good I'm hungry."

"Anything special?" i asked him in the kitchen.

"I can eat anything." he reply back.

"Great." I just make a toast and scramble eggs. Simple easy and fast. I dont want to be late to work.

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