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I let him sleep for a while to get over the headaches. I can't believe we did it and of course he can't remember it. I'm so horny last night when I saw Liam peeled his clothes one by one. I just sat there and stare. I cuddle into him and I making love to him not the other way around. He passed out and I take advantage of him. I'm  a bad cat. I should tell him the truth.

I clean the house and get the foods ready. I hung up the clothes to dry then I heard it "Harry what did you do?" scream Zayn from the bedroom.

Here go nothing I said to myself. I entered the room and he sit on the bed and can't hardly move.

"I'm sorry Zayn. I should tell you the truth. I'm sorry." I rush to him and look into his angry eyes.

"You not prep me first? Do you know what a lube is?"

"I can't find it. I'm so horny. I need a release. I'm sorry Zayn. I take advantage of you."

He hug me and stroke my hair. "It not really your fault. You can't control it. Lucky it the weekend so I just stay at home. Let have a shower together. I give you a wash."

"I...I can shower by myself...I'm okay..." Being part cat I don't really like to shower until I feel I need it.

"No you shower with me now." He dragged me along. I was thinking to shift to my cat form and "Don't you think about it." he said to my ears. I give up. It my fault I take advantage of him when he passed out and now you pay back.

I just let him peel all my clothes and get me in the tub. He get inside also and begin to wash me from head to toe. I begin to shake my hairs.."Harry don't do that." he shouted at me. For a while I thought I'm a cat. I sit still and let him wash me through and dry me up. He choose the clothes for me and we ready for the day.

"I cook for you."I said to him.

"Thanks Harry. You the best cat ever. Remind me not to drink too much after work and later your cat rape you when you sleeping."

"I didn't rape you. I make love to you" I whined at him when he try to styles my hair.

"Wait when I'm awake okay."

"So that mean we going to do it again?" I smile at him.

"We see about that. Let eat. I'm hungry. What you make for me?"

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