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"Harry I'm home." shout Zayn at the door. Harry already waiting by the door to open the door. When the door open Zayn was little bit shock to see Harry not in his usual cat form.

"We got company. I bring my friend Niall.' Harry told Zayn. Zayn walk into the house and Niall already drooling over Zayn features. Harry walk close to Niall and whisper  'Babe don't drool over my man."

"I'm sorry Harry but he so goodlooking." Niall whisper back.

'Hey what are you two whisper about?" ask Zayn looking at them.

"Nothing." they both said together.

"I cook dinner."shout Harry. "Okay dear." replied zayn and he went to get frsh up after work. There only left Niall and Harry. Niall decide to help Harry out.

"OMG Harry you so lucky."

"Yeah. I owe him for saving me that night. It cold night and if he don't look into the box I don't know what happen to me.'

"Well cat have 9 live they said." Niall joke.

"Well I'm not a real cat...I'm part cat."

"But still you can be  cat."

Harry cook dinner and get all the things ready with Niall help him. Zayn come out looking more handsome after shower. 'Hey Harry I'm sorry dear Liam coming over you need to change."

"What? Why he have to come now? What about Niall?"

"Harry it okay. Did Liam know about him?" ask Niall to Zayn.

"Not yet. He only know Harry the cat. Sorry dear I think he in front of the house." Say Zayn.

Harry run as fast as he can to the room and come out as a cat. Niall grab him and cuddle him. "I miss this Harry"


"Be careful with him." say Zayn and went to open the door for Liam to come in.

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