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After we had our meal and I lazily laying on Zayn lap while he stroke my hair. I love the moment like this. The love we had. I don't care what relationship we are now but I love to be near Zayn. We watched two movies already and I fall asleep during the first one. Maybe I'm too full.

I fell guilty that I take advantage of him last night. He don't even have a release. Only me enjoying it. How long he stay single? How long he last play with himself? Why I been thinking all this? Should I try something new to him? He so sweet and good to me. Maybe I should try it.

"Zayn..." I call him slowly.

"Yes Harry. You need anything?" He asked back.

"Yes I need you."


"It not what you think it is. I want to try do it properly with you. If you give me the permission...then I do it?"

"What you had in mind, Harry? Something noty?"

"Well I can't explain it. I need to do it. Can you wait here for a moment?" I asked him with my kitty eyes begging him.

'Sure. Anything for you." he said back and continue watch the movie. I quickly slip out from him and rush to our room. I take out my secret box where I hide it secretly. I have to make sure everything ready before I bring him.

I come back to the living room with a blindfold. I pray he will love it what I'm going to try to him. Well blame the teenage catboy who like to have fun and try something new.

"Zayn closed your eyes?"

"Why I have to closed my eyes? I can't see the movie."

"It playtime. Please Zayn. You said just now anything." I begin to whine at him and plead him with my cat cuteness.

"You so cute Harry. I can't resist it. Okay I closed my eyes."

"Thanks you Zayn. I love you." I begin to tie the blindfold on him and carry him to our room. He just silent. I sit him on bed and began to undress him.

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