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The next morning Harry walk Zayn to the front door of the apartment to watch Zayn go to work. They bump into Louis when they walk out the entrance door.

"Hey Louis what you doing here?" Ask Zayn looking at Louis while his hand still holding with Harry.

"To give you a lift. I was early today so why not I come by and we can go to work together." say Louis looking at Harry.

"Oh thanks Louis." Zayn straight went to the car and open the door and Louis took the opportunity to sent a message to Harry."Your dad want to see you. I pick you at lunch time." he say and walk to the driver seat.

Harry walk to Zayn side and kiss him."Bye love."

"I see you after work."


Louis pick Harry from Zayn house during lunch."I don't want to go Louis."

"Harry if you don't go he going to send all his guys for you."

"How he found out?"

"I'm sorry but your mom told him. She want you back and she accidently say that you stay not that far away and of course he force it out o me." 

Harry really look at Louis face and notice that he got a bruised by the side of his jaw. Oh no he hit him. I really don't like my dad because sometimes he overprotective. He the reason I run away that night. I can't go anywhere without a bodyguard. Louis is the close one to me and promise my mom no matter what happen he protect me. I trust Louis more than the rest of them.

"I want to be back with Zayn."

"I know you can't leave him. Well try to talk to your dad."

'What if he don't let me? I can't live with out my Zayn."

"I save you. I promise your mom no matter what I take care of you." promise Louis to Harry.

"Thanks Louis."

"Well we here." Louis say and drive through the long wide road with big trees by the side to the big mansion in the middle.

"Home sweet home." say Harry.

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